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Social Media And Corporate Communications
In a recent paper titled "The battle of social media platforms: The use of Twitter, YouTube and Instagram in corporate communication," author Pawel Bilinski analyzes whether using social media
United States
6 Mar 2019
An Unconventional Circular Letter: NYDFS Provides The Nation's First Directive On The Proper Use Of Unconventional And Alternative Data
Last month, the New York State Department of Financial Services became the first US regulator to impose specific, substantive requirements on the use of "unconventional sources or types of external data" in financial services.
United States
20 Feb 2019
OCIE Risk Alert On Electronic Messaging
The Securities and Exchange Commission's Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations released a Risk Alert on December 14, 2018 encouraging investment advisers to review their Investment Advisers Act of 1940 ...
United States
22 Jan 2019
On Point. – FINRA Communications Rules
All communications by FINRA member firms are subject to the communications rule—Rule 2210—which has approval and review, recordkeeping, filing and content standards.
United States
10 Jan 2019
Social Media Compliance Guide For Issuers, Broker-Dealers, And Advisers
The use of social media raises many securities law and compliance challenges for issuers, broker-dealers, and investment advisers.
United States
12 Jul 2018
5 Ways Your Social Media Use Might Impact Your Immigration Journey
In light of recent news regarding data breaches affecting Facebook users, data-mining apps are not the only entities monitoring social media use these days.
United States
5 Apr 2018
Plaintiffs' Lawyers Try To Spin Spokeo
A peculiar thing happened after the Supreme Court announced its decision in Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins (pdf) on Monday.
United States
19 May 2016
Proposed Federal Discovery Rules: Effect on Big Data and Social Media Discovery (Electronic Discovery & Information Governance - Tip of the Month)
Plaintiffs have filed a complex class action case against a global multimedia conglomerate, alleging widespread employment discrimination that resulted in suppressed wages.
United States
31 Mar 2015
California Approves Consumer Law Protecting Right To Leave Negative Online Reviews
User-driven websites, where users are able to leave feedback about products or businesses, have increasingly become the backdrop for disputes over the non-disparagement clauses used to shield businesses from critical online reviews.
United States
20 Oct 2014
Managing Social Media Risks In Healthcare
The staggering statistics on the use of social media should come as a surprise to no one.
United States
10 Oct 2014
The Video Protection Privacy Act: Risks And Considerations When Enabling A "Like" Button On Web-Based Video Content
In a recent seminal decision in the action In re: Hulu Privacy Litigation, the Northern District of California denied class certification, without prejudice, to a putative class.
United States
6 Oct 2014
Managing The Risks And Costs Associated With Enterprise Social Networks (Electronic Discovery & Information Governance - Tip of the Month)
An international company has decided to launch an enterprise social network to facilitate a more collaborative work environment.
United States
1 Aug 2014
Recent FTC Findings Signal Closer Eye on Social Media Contests
In closing a recent investigation, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced for the first time that an individual’s participation in a social media contest may constitute a product endorsement under FTC regulations.
United States
15 Apr 2014
FTC Requires Companies to Honor Privacy Policies of Acquired Companies
The US Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") has a significant history of using its Section 5 authority to enforce promises that companies make to consumers in privacy policies.
United States
12 Apr 2014
When the Workplace and Private Lives Collide: The Risks Associated with Using Social Media to Make Employment Decisions
Social media is playing an increasingly important role in how businesses operate as companies seek to leverage its broad reach and influence to increase brand awareness, to better understand market perception and to market their products or services to current and potential customers.
United States
13 Mar 2014
Social Media E-Discovery (Tip of the Month)
A large corporation has been sued by former employees who allege that their supervisors harassed them and made inappropriate remarks in the workplace and on social media.
United States
3 Feb 2014
Will Your Class Action Go Viral?
was recently reminded of this when reading news coverage of a proposed class settlement of claims involving chicken that a fast food restaurant allegedly had improperly described as halal.
United States
16 Apr 2013
SEC Provides Regulation FD Social Media Guidance
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issued a Report of Investigation pursuant to Section 21(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, providing guidance under Regulation FD on the use of social media to disclose material, non-public information.
United States
11 Apr 2013
The Backlash to Employers Requesting Applicants’ Facebook Passwords
Social media has come to play an increasingly important role in how businesses operate.
United States
27 Apr 2012
National Labor Relations Board Focusing On Employee Use of Social Media
Social media has come to play an important role for employees airing workplace grievances. As a result, employers have had to develop policies that restrict inappropriate speech while not violating their employees’ rights.
United States
30 Sep 2011
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