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Involuntary Technological Encroachment
Once upon a time, the advent of the radio was considered a major advancement, and families in the evenings would huddle together and listen to favorite radio shows.
United States
2 Apr 2019
DOJ Reviewing Paramount Consent Decrees
What are known as the "Paramount Consent Decrees" have governed the manner in which film studios have distributed films to movie theaters for 70 years.
United States
15 Aug 2018
Keeping Our Tech Love Alive
We live in a world in which we are bombarded with information data from many sources, and so much around us on the tech landscape is transparent.
United States
29 Jan 2015
Video Streaming Media - In Your Face(book)
You have to be on another planet not to know that YouTube is the dominant site for accessing video streaming media. You also have to be on an inaccessible island not to be aware that Facebook has become an Internet social networking beast. But did you know that Facebook is coming on strong in the video streaming space? Read on.
United States
30 Nov 2009
The Internet Comes Alive With YouTube
The sheer power of the Internet was put on full display Saturday night by the YouTube Live event broadcast from San Francisco with hundreds of thousands of unique real-time online feeds and millions of follow-on downloads.
United States
1 Dec 2008
Perspective: From Watergate To Videogate
You may have read about the recent controversy involving the New England Patriots after a team official was caught videotaping opposing team defensive signals.
United States
2 Oct 2007
Perspective: On The Net, They May Find Out You´re A Dog
When the Internet was becoming a widely accessed medium for communication a decade or so ago, the potentially anonymous nature of cyberspace was highlighted by a famous cartoon depicting a dog surfing the Net
United States
16 Mar 2007
Perspective: Parsing Steve Jobs´ Alternative Views Of The Future
In an open letter last week, Apple CEO Steve Jobs encouraged the Big Four record companies to allow their music to be sold free of digital rights management. Interesting news from an always interesting man.
United States
16 Feb 2007
Ripping DVDs May Never Be The Same Again
Just when you thought it might be safe to rip DVDs for use on your personal video player, the motion picture studios have filed a federal lawsuit in New York to put an end to such practices.
United States
30 Nov 2006
Perspective: Child´s Play On The Internet?
Many parents worry that their children spend too much time on the Internet, fearing they might view inappropriate content or be contacted by unsavory characters. My hunch is that far fewer have ever considered that they might get sued for the online misbehavior of their kids.
United States
12 Oct 2006
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