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Failure To Prevent A Data Breach Is Not Likely To Be Covered By A Traditional CGL Insurance Policy
In this high tech era we live in, creating, storing and using data is commonplace. The sheer quantity and scope of data has made protecting that data of paramount importance.
United States
8 Oct 2019
Shoes Make The Man, And Sometimes Spur Lawsuits
Shoe companies like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour begin courting future NBA stars when the players are in high school with the goal of signing them to endorsement deals when the player goes pro.
United States
4 Oct 2018
Focus On Trademarks And Antitrust: Judge Favors FTC Over 1-800 Contacts In Keyword Advertising Case
In an Initial Decision released on October 30th, Chief Administrative Law Judge D. Michael Chappell has upheld the Federal Trade Commission's complaint against 1-800 Contacts, Inc....
United States
21 Nov 2017
More Followers, More (Potential Sponsorship) Problems – What Brands Should Keep In Mind When Sponsoring YouTube Gurus, Instagram Influencers, And Bloggers
The FTC recently reviewed numerous Instagram posts by celebrities, athletes, and other social media influencers, and sent out more than 90 letters to those individuals to remind them to...
United States
11 Aug 2017
Facebook Unfriends Policy Allowing For Exclusion Of Certain Racial And Ethnic Groups In Housing, Credit, And Employment Advertisements On The Site.
The social network giant, Facebook announced that the site would no longer allow advertisers to exclude specific racial and ethnic groups in the areas of housing, credit, or employment advertisements.
United States
16 Feb 2017
Puff … Puff … Sue? Distinguishing An Aggressive Sales Pitch From An Actionable Misrepresentation
The Federal Trade Commission defines "puffing" as "'expressions that the consumer clearly understands to be pure sales rhetoric on which he should not rely in deciding whether to purchase...
United States
25 Jan 2017
Plaintiff Attorney Advertising: Protected Or Prosecutable?
The barrage of plaintiff-attorney advertisements soliciting plaintiffs for drug and device litigation may spawn calls by executives, board members, and other company decision-makers to find out what can be done to stop them.
United States
26 Jul 2016
Off-Label Use: Protected Commercial Speech Or Misbranding?
For years, the Food and Drug Administration has recognized that there is a prevalence of off-label use of drugs approved by FDA for specific indications, there is clinical relevance and value...
United States
22 Jul 2016
Sixth Circuit Tracks Broader Definition Of Commercial Advertising Or Promotion In Lanham Act Claims For False Advertising
We've all been there: an ad for a pair of shoes we looked at follows us around the Internet long after we've closed the window...
United States
13 Apr 2016
Really Virtually Here: The Emergence Of Virtual Reality As A Viable Film Medium And The Implications For Film Licensing And Clearances
Anything that appears in a film or television scene that is independently protected by copyright or trademark law generally must be licensed or cleared by its owner or rights holder.
United States
11 Nov 2015
False Advertising? Not if Just One Expert Says It's Not
GNC and Rite Aid moved to dismiss the complaint contending that the plaintiffs failed to adequately plead that the allegedly misleading marketing representations were false.
United States
27 Jul 2015
The Golf Channel Needs A Mulligan
"Mulligan," in golf parlance, is the opportunity to hit a golf shot, a "do over," when the previous shot was not quite the one desired by the golfer.
United States
16 Apr 2015
But I Didn’t Send That Fax:Eleventh Circuit Expands The Scope Of Liability To Businesses Under The TCPA For Unsolicited Faxes.
Marketing and advertising is a major component of most businesses. In fact, many businesses hire marketing companies or advertisers to help promote their businesses.
United States
22 Nov 2014
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