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Challenges Of A Mobile Workforce
Gone are the days that employees work from only one location from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. With employees traveling throughout the U.S.
United States
23 Sep 2019
Highest EU Court: Skype Is A Regulated Telecommunications Service – Gmail Is Not
In two long-awaited decisions handed down yesterday and last week, respectively, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) had the opportunity to decide the fate of online or "over-the-top" (OTT)
European Union
27 Jun 2019
Commerce Issues Narrow License For Certain Transactions With Huawei
The Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has issued a 90-day temporary general license exempting a set of transactions from the Entity List designation of Huawei Technologies
United States
6 Jun 2019
If Your Company Offers Streaming Services, You Should Be Aware That States And Localities Are Taking Different Approaches To Taxing Such Services
Many states and localities are concerned that the proliferation of streaming services is shrinking tax revenues previously received from sales of traditional forms of entertainment.
United States
14 Aug 2018
It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, FRAND World
When an invention claimed in a patent is essential to complying with a technical operating standard, it is considered a Standard Essential Patent, or SEP.
United States
29 Jan 2015
It’s (Not) Only a Movie
First, he brought mobile boarding passes to airports. Now, Sam Sahana is helping theaters make the most of the mobile and digital experience.
United States
21 Jan 2015
Post Wisely
Two FDA Guidelines Help Life Sciences Companies Solve Social Media Conundrums
United States
30 Dec 2014
Live Streaming: Profits And Pitfalls
When Amazon paid nearly $1 billion for video game streaming site Twitch, it hinted at the tremendous potential for sites that live stream games, concerts, sports, and more.
United States
9 Dec 2014
Payments Hit The Road
With New Devices Making Mobile Payments Easier, Banks Are Getting A Run For Their Money
United States
10 Nov 2014
Wiped Out
If you thought Google was the only organization affected by the European Court of Justice’s May decision about the "right to be forgotten," you’d be wrong.
United States
30 Oct 2014
Blurred Lines
By 2017, consumers worldwide are likely to be using the technology to spend $700 billion or more annually, according to Forrester Research.
United States
4 Sep 2014
Worn On The Sleeve
Watches that monitor sleep quality. Skullcaps that gauge head injury. An infant bodysuit that sends temperature and breathing updates to a mobile device.
United States
4 Aug 2014
When Bosses Can’t Be "Friends"
Modern Technology has increasingly blurred the line between business and personal lives, thanks in large part to social media that can broadcast employees’ views to friends and the public in a heartbeat.
United States
9 Jul 2014
Germany’s Magic Portal
Representing about 40 million TV households, Germans now receive virtually all on-demand content by Blu-ray Disc or DVD.
European Union
16 Jun 2014
The "Internet Of Things" Rises
By tying almost anything into a wireless network, the "Internet of Things" promises to transform several industries.
United States
30 May 2014
Just What The Data Ordered
San Francisco-based software provider Splunk’s data collection and analysis product, Splunk Enterprise, was an almost instant hit upon its debut in 2006.
United States
9 May 2014
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