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Unlocked Cars Leave Door Open To Unwanted Duty Of Care
In Rankin (Rankin's Garage & Sales) v J.J., the Supreme Court of Canada overturned a controversial Ontario Court of Appeal decision establishing a duty of care to intoxicated minors...
24 May 2018
Supreme Court Of Canada Confirms Psychiatric Diagnosis Not Required For Recovery Of Mental Injuries
The plaintiff was involved in a car accident and brought an action in the Supreme Court of British Columbia against the driver of the car that hit him.
12 Jul 2017
An Accident Victim Obtains Damages Of $1.2 Million In The Quebec Superior Court Despite A Pre Existing Medical Condition
On March 30, 2016, the Quebec Superior Court awarded more than $1.2 million to a man who is now paralyzed after falling in the parking lot of his apartment.
12 Jul 2016
Go-Karting Gone Awry In Ontario – Paid Volunteer Can Still Sue Race Track For Injuries
In what may be considered a particularly rare occasion, the Ontario Court of Appeal has addressed an employment law issue in the context of Go-Kart racing.
16 Feb 2016
Le Droit Au Retour Au Travail À La Suite D'une Lésion Professionnelle : Allez Relire Vos Conventions Collectives
La Cour d'appel confirme qu'une convention collective peut prévoir des droits de retour au travail à la suite d'une lésion professionnelle qui vont au-delà des droits conférés par la LATMP.
22 Dec 2015
Quebec Court Of Appeal Reverses Majority Trend Of The Commission Des Lésions Professionnelles: The Duty To Accommodate Applies To Employment Injuries
A decision handed down on June 15, 2015, by the Quebec Court of Appeal reversed the majority trend of the Commission des lésions professionnelles (CLP), Quebec's employment injuries board.
30 Jul 2015
La Cour D'appel Renverse Le Courant Majoritaire De La Commission Des Lésions Professionnelles : L'obligation D'accommodement S'applique En Matière De Lésions Professionnelles
En effet, la Charte, à titre de loi quasi constitutionnelle, transcende la LATMP et ajoute cette obligation à celles déjà expressément prévues par la LAMTP.
17 Jul 2015
Employment Vs. Vocation: Is A Priest An Employee?
This decision sends a message to the priests whose responsibilities tender more to the immaterial than the legal world : their religious services are more likely to fall within the spiritual realm than the contractual sphere.
5 Mar 2015
Driving Co-Worker Home Was A Favour And Not "Acting In The Course Of Employment"
The B.C. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal considered a petition by temporary farm hands injured when a truck they were riding in left the road.
25 Jun 2014
Liability For Use Of Excessive Force By Law Enforcement Officers
A ruling by Justice François Huot of the Quebec Superior Court on September 4, 2013 offers a good summary of the principles that apply to the liability of a police department for the acts of its officers during an arrest.
28 Nov 2013
Ontario Court Of Appeal Triples Fine For Criminal Liability In Workplace Accident
What is commonly referred to as Bill C–45 amended the Canadian Criminal Code by imposing criminal liability on corporations, and corporate representatives, that fail to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their workplace.
14 Oct 2013
Quebec Employers Beware: The Commission Des Lésions Professionnelles Recognizes A Teleworker’s Employment Injury
In "Desrochers et Agence du revenu du Canada", Quebec’s Commission des lésions professionnelles (CLP) concluded that a teleworker had suffered an employment injury while retrieving a suitcase full of documents from the trunk of her car on arriving at home after her workday.
17 May 2012
Quebec Court Of Appeal: CSST Has Jurisdiction To The Exclusion Of The Grievance Arbitrator
A Quebec Court of Appeal decision dated January 30, 2012, reaffirms that a grievance arbitrator has no jurisdiction to rule on a worker’s reinstatement, with accommodations, in the same job he or she held before an employment injury when the Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CSST) has already rendered a decision on the matter.
9 May 2012
Municipalities’ Obligation To Ensure Cyclists’ Safety Extends Beyond Bike Paths
Last September, the Quebec Superior Court ordered the City of Montreal to pay more than $1 million in damages to a woman who became paraplegic and to her family following a cycling accident on a city street.
9 Dec 2011
Can Police Officers Who Fail to Take a Complaint Seriously be Held Responsible? The Court Rules
Jocelyn Hotte, a police officer and sniper with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, shot his ex-wife, Lucie Gélinas, while she was driving a car with three other people in it. The three passengers were seriously injured in the shooting.
21 Jun 2010
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