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Summary Dismissal Of Employees
The Court noted that this was a case of a summary dismissal and that such dismissal is not the norm and should only be used where there is grave misconduct.
12 Mar 2019
Performance Bonus Paid Out More Than 5 Years Later
The Court of Appeal in its Inferior Jurisdiction overturned a decision taken by the Court of Magistrates and ordered the payment of a performance bonus owed by the Transport Authority in Malta
28 Feb 2019
Maltese Court Of Appeal: Employee Email Addresses Constitute Personal Data
On the 5th of October 2018, in the case of Doreen Camilleri vs Commissioner for Information and Data Protection, the Court of Appeal reversed a decision previously taken by the Appeals Tribunal for Information and Data Protection and held that an employee's email address constituted personal data.
10 Dec 2018
Proposed Amendment To Legislation - Setting Up The Industrial Tribunal
The Maltese Government has recently requested the Attorney General to consult the social partners within the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development...
2 Mar 2016
Collector Conditionally Discharged After Copyright Infringement Accusations
The Court of Criminal Appeal has recently confirmed a sentence of the Court of First Instance handed to a woman who had been conditionally discharged over copyright infringement...
7 Feb 2016
Employment Of Persons With Disability: Employers' Complaints On New Penalties
The recent Act No. XXII of 2015 which amended the already established "Persons with Disability (Employment) Act" (the Act), has enforced the 2% quota rule.
19 Jan 2016
Posting Of Third Country Nationals To Malta: The Vander der Elst Application In Malta
In view of this, the DIER makes a decision with respect to the maximum duration of the posting period on a case by case basis.
19 Jan 2016
Belgium Lags Behind In Implementing The Single Permit Directive
The EU Commission has recently announced that to date Belgium has failed to transpose the Single Permit Directive (Directive 2011/98/EU) into its national law.
European Union
5 Jan 2016
Escape Of Arrested Vessel Gives Rise To Penalty Proceedings
Even though substantial advances have been made in the automated tracking systems that are used to identify and monitor vessels' movements, it does not eliminate the fact that vessels are mobile...
23 Dec 2015
€28,000 In Damages For An Injury Sustained At Work
When the incident occurred, Mr Micallef was seated next to a particular machine which is known as a stitcher.
1 Dec 2015
Illegal Employment In Gozo
The Court of Magistrates has recently decided a case which, has been brought by the police against two directors of a restaurant in Gozo.
1 Dec 2015
Facebook Must Stop Tracking Non-Users
A Belgian court has ruled that Facebook has 48 hours to stop tracking people in Belgium who are not members of its social network.
European Union
23 Nov 2015
Google In Court Dispute Over ‘Anticompetitive' Search Abuse
Google has been sued by Streetmap, which is a UK-based internet mapping company, over alleged conduct that led to ‘dramatic loss of traffic'.
European Union
20 Nov 2015
Apple Fined $234 Million For Infringing University Patent
Apple has been found guilty of infringing a patent which, is owned by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), for an invention that improves the efficiently and speed of processors.
United States
30 Oct 2015
Can Internet Use Be Banned?
The Court of Magistrates has recently banned a man from using and accessing social media for a period of four years.
26 Oct 2015
Microsoft And Google Agree To End Patent Fight
Over the past few years Microsoft and Google have been in a tangled web of disputes over patent issues.
13 Oct 2015
Time Spent Travelling Is Working Time
The European Court of Justice has recently ruled that time spent by tradesmen travelling between their home and their clients, has to be regarded as working time.
22 Sep 2015
No Breaks For Kit-Kat
On the 11th of June, 2015, it was reported that the Advocate General (AG) of the Court of Justice of the European Union has advised that Nestlé's application for the three dimensional 'Kit Kat' shape is not compliant with EU law.
European Union
1 Sep 2015
The Murky Waters Of Software Patents
Software patents have been the subject of much debate – not only in the US, but also in Europe. This has been a thorny issue for many years and the future of software patents still remains unknown.
European Union
27 Aug 2015
Termination Of Employment On Grounds Of Redundancy And Warrant Of Prohibitory Injunction
The Civil Court has recently ordered Deutsch Bank not to terminate the employment of Ms Sandra Diacono, who had been made redundant.
3 Aug 2015
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