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What's Next For The Supremes?
Within moments of the untimely passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the political posturing began in terms of what should happen next with respect to the open seat on the high court.
United States
2 Mar 2016
ABA: Lawyers Can Snoop On Jurors' Social Media Sites
Jurors always are admonished by judges not to conduct any independent factual research with respect to the cases they are considering.
United States
3 Jul 2014
The Low-Tech U.S. Supreme Court
Gone are the days of non-electronic, hard-copy communications, right? Not so fast!
United States
4 Sep 2013
Discovery Sanctions Lifted, But Beware
In early 2008, a federal magistrate in San Diego ordered significant discovery sanctions to the tune of $8.5 million dollars against the plaintiff in the "Qualcomm Incorporated v. Broadcom Corporation" case, which deals with discovery conduct.
United States
29 Apr 2010
Perspective: A Judicial Blessing For Vote-Swapping Sites
Just as the 2008 presidential race is kicking into high gear, a federal appellate court has ruled that California's former secretary of state improperly threatened criminal prosecution against two vote-swapping sites pertaining to the Bush-Gore 2000 presidential election.
United States
10 Sep 2007
Court Permits Search Of Personal Computer In Workplace
While the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution provides broad protections when it comes to state-sponsored searches and seizures, there certainly are exceptions to this general rule. Indeed, a federal court has just held that an employee did not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in his personal computer he brought to work.
United States
11 May 2007
Perspective: How GPL Fits In With The Future Of Antitrust Regulation
The "GPL and open-source have nothing to fear from the antitrust laws," declared the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit recently.
United States
28 Nov 2006
Perspective: Has The FBI Ever Heard Of Google?
When it comes to the federal government's rationale for not producing information to answer inquiries citing the Freedom of Information Act, the recent case of Davis v. Department of Justice falls under the "you gotta be kidding" category.
United States
19 Sep 2006
Perspective: Word to the Wise if you Quit in a Huff
One of employers' biggest fears is that departing and disloyal employees will take advantage of access to company computer systems after announcing their resignations.
United States
13 Apr 2006
Perspective: Will More Courts Frown on SMS Ads?
SMS messaging has grown in popularity as a marketing tool, but a recent court ruling could mark the beginning of its end.
United States
4 Nov 2005
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