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Don't Be Afraid Of The Known Unknown – Validating Your Search Process
On August 7, 2018, the Northern District of Illinois issued an opinion that provides practical guidance regarding the validation of discovery processes and productions in City of Rockford v. Mallinckrodt ARD Inc.
United States
12 Sep 2018
Texas Supreme Court Holds Patent Agent Communications May Be Privileged
Communications between a client and registered patent agent who is doing authorized legal work for the client may be protected as privileged, the Texas State Supreme Court recently ruled on...
United States
15 Mar 2018
Don't Lose Your Privilege: Best Practices For The In-House Lawyer
In-house lawyers and their clients know that an email is not automatically cloaked in privilege just because a lawyer appears on the cc line.
United States
11 Oct 2017
Nasdaq Requires Disclosure Of Third-Party Payments To Directors
Issuers listed on Nasdaq on or after August 1, 2016 must publicly disclose the material terms of all agreements and arrangements involving third-party compensation or other payments...
United States
11 Aug 2016
The Federal Circuit Recognizes A Limited Patent Agent Privilege
The newly minted patent-agent privilege affords some protection for clients who work with patent agents, but it is a limited privilege.
United States
17 Mar 2016
New Statute To Provide Increased Protection For Defendants Asked To Produce Discovery Of Net Worth Data
This morning a new statute goes into effect that will alter the procedure in Texas and provide increased protection for defendants who are asked to produce discovery of net worth data in connection with claims for exemplary damages.
United States
7 Sep 2015
D.C. Circuit Upholds Broad Protection Of Internal Investigation Materials
This is the second time that the D.C. Circuit has reversed the district court's orders compelling disclosure of internal investigation material in this same case, In re Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc., et al.
United States
19 Aug 2015
Social Media And E-Discovery: Ethical Boundaries
The fact that you just pronounced that first character as "hashtag," as opposed to "pound sign," demonstrates the prevalence of social media in the past few years.
United States
9 Jan 2015
Supreme Court Of Texas Further Defines "Fishing Expeditions"
On October 31, 2014, the Supreme Court of Texas issued a per curium opinion having potentially far-reaching impact on first-party insurance litigation discovery practices.
United States
8 Dec 2014
Brookshire Brothers, Ltd. V. Aldridge: The Texas Supreme Court Changes The Rules On Destroyed Evidence
On July 3, 2014, the Texas Supreme Court announced significant changes in how Texas courts address claims that evidence has been destroyed — so-called "spoliation."
United States
21 Jul 2014
Essentials Of E-Discovery
A company’s failure to deal appropriately with e-discovery—innocently or not— can lead to significant sanctions and even adverse outcomes in a lawsuit.
United States
28 Dec 2011
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