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The Patentability Of Living Things – A South African Approach
Patent protection of living organisms, or substances derived from them, has long been a locus of confusion and controversy in law. Recently, however,
South Africa
14 Aug 2019
Domain Name Disputes – Are They Worth It?
ADR, UDRP and URS. SAIIPL, ICANN, WIPO, MFSD, ADNRC, and NAF. You're probably confused, aren't you?
South Africa
25 Jun 2019
Roger Federer Still Able To Surprise After All These Years
Tennis fans flock to courtsides and televisions to watch Swiss tennis sensation Roger Federer and instantly recognize the iconic RF Logo that has become synonymous with the man.
South Africa
14 Aug 2018
Don't Blur Your Copyright Lines Or You Might Lose Yourself In A Damage Claim
Two recent decisions in New Zealand and the United States of America illustrate the importance of and recognition given to copyright in the music industry, and the need to ensure ...
South Africa
3 May 2018
When Is A Descriptive Mark Not A Descriptive Mark?
This was the issue before the Supreme Court of Appeal in the matter between Dinnermates (Tvl) CC and Piquante Brands International & another 401/17) [2018] ZASCA 43 (28 March 2018).
South Africa
11 Apr 2018
This would be tantamount to, for example, a supplier of grapes not being able to use a device of a bunch of grapes alongside its name and trade mark on its packaging/cartons.
South Africa
4 Apr 2018
Sleep(Ing) Out Of Copyright Ownership
The law around ownership of the copyright subsisting in databases where two independent parties contributed to the final work.
South Africa
8 Dec 2017
Has The Advertising Standards Authority Regained Its Authority
While the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa ("ASA") is not quite out of the woods yet, it certainly appears to be recovering much of its former strength.
South Africa
8 Dec 2017
The Menu Is Not The Meal
Of recent, KISCH IP has tasted tremendous success in the Supreme Court of Appeal.
South Africa
7 Apr 2017
Does Innovation Pay?
When a person or business creates a new technical concept (or innovation) that is implemented, the world generally benefits from such innovation.
South Africa
3 Apr 2017
One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
The cuckoo's eggs have thus been kicked out of the nest and did not hatch any Frontline products.
South Africa
30 Mar 2017
Counterfeit products negatively impacts on the economy and the occurrence thereof has seen dramatic increases over the past year.
South Africa
21 Mar 2007
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