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Alberta Court Of Appeal Confirms That Evidence Of A General Problem With Substance Abuse In The Workplace May Justify Random Testing
The initial grievance concerned the random drug and alcohol testing of Suncor's employees engaged in safety-sensitive positions at its oil sands operations.
24 Oct 2017
Court Of Queen's Bench Confirms That Privilege May Apply To Workplace Accident Investigation
On April 20, 2014, an employee of Suncor was involved in a fatal workplace accident at Suncor's facility near Fort McMurray, Alberta (the "Accident").
26 May 2016
Have You Been Naughty Or Nice? When Is The Exercise Of "Discretion" Required To Be Reasonable?
David Styles was the Vice President of Relationship Investments for the Alberta Investment Management Corporation from June 15, 2010 to June 11, 2013, when his employment was terminated without just cause.
2 Dec 2015
The Limits Of Blogging: - “Alberta Union Of Provincial Employees v. Alberta”
When an employee turns to the internet to engage in blogging and the subject matter of the blog is the workplace and co-workers, the content of the blog can undermine the employment relationship and lead to a termination of employment for just cause.
14 Aug 2009
Do Unionized Employees Have A Civil Cause Of Action? — "K.A. v. Ottawa (City)"
Can an employee who is subject to a collective agreement, sue his or her employer in the civil courts, for wrongful acts committed during the course of the employee's employment? In the case of K.A. v. Ottawa (City,) the Ontario Court of Appeal held they could not, even if the claims alleged sexual assault and even if the employee who it was alleged committed the assault was a co-defendant in the claim
24 Oct 2006
Cumulative Just Cause: How Progressive Is Your Discipline Policy?
Employers often wonder whether it is possible to terminate an employee for repeated poor performance or carelessness where the breaches by the employee cover a range of activities, including breaches of company policy and performance issues. Often times, the employer is found by the Court to have failed to institute a proper regime of counseling and warnings sufficient to meet the high onus for a just cause termination where performance is the only issue.
8 Apr 2005
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