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Brexit Disruption Provides An Opportunity For Businesses
The UK's future international trade may be somewhat opaque at the moment due to the Brexit impasse.
4 Jun 2019
The House Of Lords Reception Provides A Platform For The Minister Of State For Global Spain
The unfolding situation which may lead Britain to the cliff-edge of no-deal looks extremely daunting.
European Union
6 Feb 2019
Can The German/UK Automotive Trade Survive Brexit
Regardless of the type of exit the UK eventually makes from the EU or the value of the "divorce" costs ...
European Union
23 Nov 2018
Inward Investment In The Hotel Sector In The UK
The hospitality industry is Britain's third largest private business sector and is predicted to turnover in excess of £100 million in 2018 based on information from the Office of National Statistics.
9 Oct 2018
Brussels Has A Change Of Heart Over Trade Deals
In what appears to be a major about turn it is being reported that Brussels has conceded and is now prepared to allow Britain to sign trade deals whilst the UK is still within the single market...
16 Mar 2018
Tunisia, A Rising Investment Destination
The international financial stage is seeing a fundamental change in financial data and a major shift in existing economic blocs, together with the emergence of new economic blocs ...
8 Mar 2018
The Brexit Dilemma
Boris Johnson's road to Brexit speech titled "A United Kingdom" called for campaigners on both sides to unite and make the best of it. Mr. Johnson insists that leaving the EU will be a good thing for Britain...
European Union
19 Feb 2018
European Court Of Justice Decision Assists British Trade Negotiators
A collective sigh of relief was heard when the long-awaited ruling from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) regarding the Brexit negotiation of international trade was announced.
European Union
24 May 2017
Brexit And The Rights Of EU Citizens
In the wake of early Brexit negotiations, the fate of the three million Europeans currently living in the UK is a matter of concern for many.
24 Apr 2017
The Brexit Countdown Has Started - Now What?
Theresa May's letter has been delivered and like it or not the UK is on the way out of Europe with still no clarity as to what the status of British ex-pats living in other European countries actually is.
13 Apr 2017
Planning For The Brexit Impact
With the dawning of a new age, that of the separation of the UK from the EU and all that it entails, British businesses that depend on the European market must find ways of maintaining a foothold in Europe.
10 Apr 2017
New Statistics Suggest That China Has Overtaken The United States As Germany Main Trading Partner
Destatis (the German Federal Statistic Office), has reported that for the first time in history China has overtaken the United States of America to become Germany's main trading partner.
10 Mar 2017
New Statistics Suggest That China Has Overtaken The United States As Germany's Main Trading Partner
The reports have also shown a 4% increase in the volume of trade between the two countries amounting to €170 billion in 2016.
2 Mar 2017
The Perplexing Problem Of Who Can Stay And Who Must Go When Brexit Bites
There are fears in Brussels that the UK immigration system will be unable to define who has the right to stay and who must leave when Brexit finally bites.
European Union
23 Feb 2017
Germany Considers That The Re-Drafting And Re-Negotiation Of EU Trade Deals Between The EU And The UK Will Exceed Two Years
As reported by German officials, a trade deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom may require more than two years to be negotiated.
European Union
19 Dec 2016
UK To Face More Red Tape In Post-Brexit Scenario
The UK is expected to face additional legal challenges in relation to its permanence in the single market in a post-Brexit scenario, as reported by Open Britain (a cross-party campaign for the best deal with Europe).
15 Dec 2016
Giambrone Provides Assistance For Vehicle Seizure From Customs Offices
As far as due diligence duties, loyalty and subordination are concerned, in the case of non compliance, employees may not only be facing disciplinary sanctions, but they might also have to face property liability...
26 Jul 2016
BREXIT And The Impact On British And European Companies
The result of the British referendum has shocked the whole world. However it must be remembered that an official withdrawal from the EU has not taken place yet.
29 Jun 2016
Italian And German Trade Comparison
Italy and Germany share a history of close relations built on excellent foundations. They also share a similar historical development (both countries are generally labelled as "young nations").
16 Jun 2016
Spanish And German Trade Comparison
According to figures provided by Deutsche Bundesbank, approximately 1,200 German companies have established subsidiaries or holdings in Spain. The majority of these companies also own their production facilities in Spain.
15 Jun 2016
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