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Brexit: Maintaining Supply Chain Resilience
Countdown to Brexit: Where next and how can businesses prepare?
2 Nov 2018
US Imposes New Sanctions On Russia
On 6 April 2018 the US Offi ce of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) added 24 Russian individuals and 14 companies to its list of specially designated nationals (SDNs).
United States
15 May 2018
North Korea: A Sanctions Overview
As President Trump embarked on a 13 day tour of Asia he pronounced that "the era of strategic patience [with North Korea] is over" and "all options are on the table".
14 Nov 2017
Important OFAC Iran FAQ Update Provides Clarity On US Dollar Processing And Due Diligence
On 7 October 2016 OFAC issued an update to its "Frequently Asked Questions Relating to the Lifting of Certain U.S. Sanctions Under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on Implementation Day".
17 Oct 2016
International Trade & Commodities Newsletter: In-Short v3
2016 has had a tumultuous beginning for the commodities market. The lifting of sanctions on Iran is potentially one of the biggest trading opportunities seen for some time. While the sustained low commodity prices alongside oversupply and economic uncertainty in major economies such as China, has set a very challenging market environment.
22 Apr 2016
"Implementation Day" Declared As EU And US Sanctions Against Iran Are Eased
Over 400 entities that have previously been designated for asset freezes by the EU have also been delisted.
19 Jan 2016
Russia's Sanctions Against Turkey
In response to Turkey downing a Russian military jet near the Syrian border in November, the Kremlin has imposed a suite of unilateral sanctions against Turkey.
15 Dec 2015
International Trade & Commodities Newsletter: In-Short - Edition 1
Welcome to In-Short, our new international trade & commodities newsletter, which is designed to give you practical advice on the key issues and opportunities facing the global commodities market today.
8 Sep 2015
Global Compliance: Supply Chain Due Diligence And Conflict Minerals
Conflict Minerals, are increasingly becoming the focus of regulation. The EU has proposed a new regulation which could potentially affect an estimated 800,000 European companies operating across multiple sectors.
30 Jul 2015
EU Extends Crimea Sanctions
The Council of the EU announced on 19 June 2015 that it has extended the applicability of EU sanctions concerning Russia's annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol.
European Union
17 Jul 2015
EU Extends Sanctions Against Russia Until 31 January 2016
On 22 June 2015 the Council of the EU announced the extension of its restrictive measures targeted against Russia. The measures will now remain in force until 31 January 2016.
European Union
17 Jul 2015
Russia Extends Trade Embargo Until 6 August 2016
The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, signed on 24th June 2015 a decree "On the extension in force of discrete special economic measures with the aim of guaranteeing the security of the Russian Federation."
Russian Federation
17 Jul 2015
Sanctions Relief Announced Under Historic Agreement Concerning Iran's Nuclear Programme
Under the new Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ("JCPoA") agreed in Vienna, Iran has reaffirmed that under no circumstances will it ever develop or acquire any nuclear weapons.
16 Jul 2015
Extension Of The Joint Plan Of Action
The P5+1 and Iran have announced that the Joint Plan of Action, which was due to expire tomorrow, has been extended until 7 July 2015.
16 Jul 2015
EU implements additional sanctions against Russia
With the continuing situation in Ukraine, the EU has issued a series of announcements over the last week, culminating in the publication of amendments to EU Regulation 833/2014, which take effect today.
23 Sep 2014
Sanctions - The Diplomatic Substitute For Military Action?
Sanctions are a growing problem on the desk of every international trading business and bank.
11 Dec 2012
Middle East & North Africa: Sanctions Update Syria Sanctions Extended As EU Bans Investment ……And Support For Libya
As we mentioned in our previous update published on 2nd September (link) additional entities were added to the European Union's asset freeze list by Council Regulation (EU) 843/2011 on 24 August 2011, and at a subsequent meeting of EU foreign ministers in Poland on the 1 September 2011 further sanctions were agreed targeting Syrian's oil exports.
Syrian Arab Republic
30 Sep 2011
Iran Sanctions Bulletin 10 New Sanctions For Syria And Lybia
Welcome to our tenth bulletin in our regular series on global sanctions this bulletin looks at the new Libyan and Syrian sanctions and gives an update on the general situation in the MENA region.
18 Aug 2011
EU Sanctions Adopted as Iran Presses on with Bushehr
Iran has said that it has begun loading fuel into the core of the Bushehr nuclear plant. According to the press the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton, will enter into talks with Iran, on 5 December, over its nuclear programme.
European Union
25 Nov 2010
EU Sanctions: Iran an Overview of the EU Council's Sanctions
On 25 October 2010, the European Council adopted a wide-ranging package of sanctions on Iran, with prohibitions affecting the energy, insurance, transport and financial sectors.
European Union
10 Nov 2010
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