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The European Union And The Mercosur Have Concluded A Comprehensive Trade Agreement
EU's largest trade agreement ever concluded on 28 June 2019: the EU and the Mercosur brought to fruition the long-standing negotiations on a comprehensive trade agreement between the EU and the Mercosur.
11 Jul 2019
Consultation On Implementation Of Network Code On Harmonised Transmission Tariffs
EU Regulation 2017/460 (16 March 2017) has established a network code on harmonised transmission tariff structures (TAR NC).
22 May 2019
Brexit And Its Legal Expectations
Recently, Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker have appeared on the media and declared joyfully that they had agreed on the first principles of Great Britain leaving the European Union.
European Union
17 Jul 2018
Slightly Lower Fees, A Little More Liberalisation - The 2017 Amendments To The Austrian Trade Act
The GewO provides the central regulatory framework for the uptake and performance of commercial activities in Austria.
12 Jul 2017
Austria Broadens Cooperation With Iran
Just a few weeks after the agreement between the Italian Bank, Popolare di Sondrio, and Iran, a notable shift in activity between Iran and another EU country – Austria - can be noted as well.
2 Jul 2017
Odpovědnost provozovatelů obchodních prodejních mist za porušování práv z duševního vlastnictví
Žalobci se následně dovolali k Nej- vyššímu soudu, který předložil spornou otázku postavení žalovaného jakožto zprostředkovatele k posouzení Soudní- mu dvoru EU.
European Union
2 May 2017
Ruling On Cross-Border Personnel Leasing Published
Under double tax treaties that follow the OECD Model Convention, the remuneration for posted employees may be taxed both in the state of residence and in the state in which the employment is exercised.
21 Apr 2017
Guidance On Exchange Of Information Regarding Rulings Released
Recently, the Austrian Ministry of Finance published guidance on the automatic and spontaneous exchange of information on advance cross-border rulings and advance pricing arrangements.
20 Apr 2017
New Warranty Regulations For Online Shops Ante Portas
It is an open question whether the new warranty law should be used for stationary trade as well.
European Union
13 Mar 2017
Dispute Resolution Insider - Fourth Edition
Given the ongoing lively public discussions regarding the free-trade agreements CETA and TTIP, this issue addresses the topic with an arbitration focus.
26 Sep 2016
5 Reasons To Choose Austria As Your European Business Hub
Want a gateway into Eastern Europe and all the benefits of operating in an EU member state? Why not consider Austria?
9 Jun 2016
EU-Export Compliance – Loosening Of Iran Trade Restrictions
UN-Resolution 2231/2015 does not provide for an immediate termination of restrictive measures against Iran; instead, the lifting of sanctions is dependent on the de facto decommissioning of Iran's nuclear program for WMD.
European Union
24 Sep 2015
Export Of Firearms – Amendment To Austria's Second External Trade Ordinance
Austria's Second External Trade Ordinance issued by the Minister for Economy (Zweite Außenwirtschaftsverordnung9) in the (now ineffective) version BGBl II No 58/2013 ("2. AußWV (old)") was in force until 3 July 2015.
13 Jul 2015
Update On EU Sanctions Against Russia
On 6 December 2014, Council Regulation (EU) No 1290/2014 entered into force. This is the latest in a series of regulations regarding "sectoral sanctions" against Russia.
European Union
16 Dec 2014
Latest EU Sanctions Against Russia
After introducing the "sectoral sanctions" against Russia on 1 August 2014 the sanctions regime has been tightened further on September 12 as set out in EC Regulation No 960/2014.
European Union
29 Sep 2014
New Sanctions Regime Against Russia
The European Union has recently agreed to an additional, higher level of sanctions against Russia.
European Union
4 Aug 2014
EU's Ukraine-Related Sanctions - Are You Compliant?
In response to the developments in Ukraine unfolded by the Euromaidan protest movement in early February 2014, the EU Council on 5 March 2014 decided to impose restrictive measures against individuals who have been identified as being responsible for the misappropriation of Ukrainian State funds and/or human rights violations.
European Union
26 Mar 2014
Having Problems With Counterfeits?
On 1 January 2014, the new Product Piracy Regulation (EU) 608/2013 ("PPR 2014") entered into force.
European Union
6 Feb 2014
Pitfalls Enforcing Judgments In New Member States
After five enlargements, the EU is expecting to grow even further in the near future.
European Union
26 Jun 2013
New Approval Regime On Acquisitions Of Austrian Companies In Certain Industry Sectors By Non-EU/EEA and Non-Swiss Persons
An amendment of the Austrian Foreign Trade Act (FTA), in force since 08/12/2011 subjects the acquisitions of relevant interests in enterprises in specific industries, including telecoms and energy, to review and approval by the Austrian Ministry of Economic Affairs
14 Dec 2011
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