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Infrastructure Criteria For Sustainable Infrastructure Development And Rapid Growth – How The CPTPP And The EUVN Free Trade Agreement And Investment Protection Agreement Can Contribute
According to the World Bank, Vietnam has one of the fastest growing economies in the world—7.1% GDP growth in 2018, and 6.7% at the mid-point of 2019
14 Aug 2019
Public-Priate-Partnerships (PPP) And CPTPP And EVFTA/IPA Dispute Settlement Provisions And The Draft PPP Law
Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) have long been used as a vehicle for both emerging and developed markets to further enhance their public infrastructure to support growing socio-economic needs.
25 Jul 2019
Breaking News: The EU – Vietnam FTA To Be Signed Next Sunday (30th June)
In a notice made by the EU Council on 25 June, EU Commissioner for Trade Mrs. Cecilia Malmstrom
10 Jul 2019
Rechtsanwalt in Vietnam Dr. Oliver Massmann – Die Weltbank fragt Duane Morris nach Geschäften und Regierungsaufträgen- Was Sie wissen müssen: Annahmen der Fallstudie
Ist eines der an der Ausschreibung teilnehmenden Unternehmen und erfüllt alle zahlungsfähigkeits- , technische und administrative Anforderungen zur Wettbewerbsfähigkeit;Ist eine mittelständische
21 May 2019
The World Bank Is Asking Duane Morris About Doing Business And Government Contracting – What You Must Know:
Is one of the companies participating in the call for tender and meets all solvency, technical and administrative requirements to compete;
26 Apr 2019
EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement And Investment Protection Agreement – Market Access For Goods And Services – What You Must Know:
On the 2nd of December 2015, after almost three years and 14 rounds of negotiations, President Donald Tusk, President Jean-Claude Juncker and Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyễn Tấn Dũng ...
European Union
4 Mar 2019
Public Private Partnerships – Verbesserung der Funktionalitaet – Anwendung des Comprehensive And Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership und des EU – Vietnam Freihandelsabkommens fuer eine bessere Funtkionalitaet des neuen PPP Dekrets
Als im Jahr 2015 das Dekret Nr. 15/2015/ND-CP ueber oeffentlich-private Partnerschaften (engl. public-private partnerships "PPP") ("Dekret 15") eingefuehrt wurde, wurde dieses in juristischen Kreisen...
12 Jun 2018
Public-Private Partnership - Enhancement - Comprehensive And Progressive Pacific Partnership For Better Functioning Of The New PPP Act And Utilization Of Free Trade Agreement Between EU And Vietnam (Japanese)
8 Jun 2018
Solar Energy Rooftop Tax Benefits – Solar Power Master Plan – Public Private Partnerships – Latest On Industrial And Economic Zones
The Government in-principle approves the request from the Ministry of Finance on tax advantages applicable to solar roof projects of 50 kW or less.
United States
8 Jun 2018
Lawyer In Vietnam Dr. Oliver Massmann – Public Private Partnerships – Enhancing Functionality – Making Use Of The Comprehensive And Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership And The EU
Decree No. 15/2015/ND-CP on public-private partnership ("PPP") ("Decree 15") when introduced in 2015 was highly praised by legal commentators to be well drafted ...
29 May 2018
New PPP Decree To Come Into Effect On 19 June
The Government of Vietnam issued the new Decree 63/2018/ND-CP on Investment in Form of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) replacing the old PPP Decree 15/2015/ND-CP, which was viewed by many as nonfunctional.
United States
22 May 2018
L'impact De L'initiative "La Nouvelle Route De La Soie" Sur Le Développement De L'infrastructure Au Vietnam
Peu abordé au Vietnam, "La Nouvelle Route de la Soie" est le sujet de ma présentation lors d'un colloque sur les PPP organisé par la Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie France-Vietnam...
United States
4 May 2018
Anwalt In Vietnam Dr. Oliver Massmann: Die Weltbank Stellt Duane Morris Fragen Zur Vergabe Von Regierungs- Und Öffentlichen Aufträgen In Vietnam. Dies Sind Unsere Antworten
Anwalt in Vietnam Dr. Oliver Massmann: Die Weltbank stellt Duane Morris Fragen zur Vergabe von Regierungs- und öffentlichen Aufträgen in Vietnam. Dies sind unsere Antworten
13 Apr 2018
Oeffentlich Private Partnerschaften (PPP)
Die Grundlage von BOT Projekten ist ein von der Regierung genehmigter BOT Vertrag. Dieser BOT Vertrag wird zwischen dem Auslandsinvestor (BOT Investor) und der staatlich bevollmächtigten Verwaltungsbehörde abgeschlossen.
13 Dec 2017
BOOM TIME – The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement Now Becomes The Comprehensive And Progressive Agreement For The Trans-Pacific Partnership – What Is Next?
The TPP was originally known as the Trans- Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership concluded in 2006 among Singapore, New Zealand, Chile and Brunei (P-4 agreement) as a means to promote trade liberalization...
17 Nov 2017
Public Debt Puts The Squeeze On Government Guarantees, Stifling Project Finance Projects In Vietnam
Vietnam's economic success story is evident in the rapid development of its big cities.
1 Nov 2017
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