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Brexit's Potential Impact On Shipping In Cyprus
On 29 March 2017 the United Kingdom notified the European Council of its intention to leave the European Union in accordance with Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union.
22 Aug 2019
EU Directive On Administrative Cooperation (DAC6)
The disclosure requirements will have to be followed by "intermediaries" and, in some instances, the taxpayers.
European Union
8 Aug 2019
Lobbyists To Face Tighter Regulation
The new bill will require all lobbying groups to be registered and records kept by the independent Authority against Corruption.
2 Jul 2019
There Is No Such Thing As A Hard Brexit
The IBSA Brexit discussion meeting at Close Brothers Asset Management on Thursday, 30th May, was a fascinating insight into the legal, political and economic consequences of Brexit.
European Union
11 Jun 2019
Helping You Through Changing Times - Our European Brexit Tracker For Financial Services Institutions
Is there an existing Cooperation Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding in place between the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ...
14 Dec 2018
New Memorandum Of Understanding On Cooperation With Russia In Combating Crime
On 18 October 2018 the Cyprus Ministry of Justice and Public Order and the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in combating crime and protecting...
16 Nov 2018
Constitution And Quorum Of Collective Administrative Bodies
The composition of collective bodies exercising administrative functions on behalf of national and local government and associated entities, and the serious adverse consequences of ignoring...
6 Feb 2018
Court Finds That Unjustified Absence Of Members Invalidates Collective Body And Its Decisions
It is an established principle of administrative law that in order for a collective body to be validly constituted, the presence of the members required to constitute a quorum is in itself insufficient...
9 Jan 2018
Building Intra-Judicial Dialogue: The Relationship Between The ECJ And Cypriot National Courts
In an article in the October 2016 edition of the European Law Review, Constantinos Lycourgos, a Judge of the European Court of Justice...
15 Feb 2017
The twenty-third of June 2016 is a watershed in recent British history, the day on which the electorate of the United Kingdom voted for their government to take steps to leave the European Union.
19 Jul 2016
New Administrative Court Established
The Law on the Establishment and Operation of an Administrative Court was adopted by the House of Representatives on July 9 2015 and entered into force on July 21 2015, following its publication in the Official Gazette.
19 Aug 2015
European Commission Presents A Framework To Safeguard The Rule Of Law In The European Union
The European Commission has adopted a new framework for addressing systemic threats to the rule of law in any of the EU’s 28 Member States.
European Union
25 Mar 2014
Supreme Court Rules On Administrative Recourse In Bank Resolution Measures
Article 146 of the Constitution gives the Supreme Constitutional Court exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any complaint that a decision, act or omission of any organ, authority or person, exercising any executive or administrative authority, is contrary to the Constitution or law, or is made in excess or abuse of powers vested in such organ, authority or person.
29 Jul 2013
Developments In The Cypriot Offshore Oil and Gas Industries
The reported existence of oil and natural gas reserves off the coast of Cyprus has prompted the Republic of Cyprus to introduce modern legislation to regulate the oil and gas sectors and to claim the Exclusive Economic Zone of the island in accordance with the United Nations Law of the Sea Convention.
3 Jul 2006
ANDREAS NEOCLEOUS & CO Assists The Republic of Cyprus in the Implementation of Council Regulation No 2157/2001 on the Statute for a European Company
The concept of the "Societas Europea", a European corporate form transcending national boundaries and common to all member states, was first proposed in the late 1960s. More than 30 years later, on 8 October 2001 the Council of the European Communities adopted Council Regulation No 2157/2001 on the statute for a European company and the supplementary Council Directive 2001/86/EC with regard to employee involvement.
12 Jan 2006
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