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Five Things Project Proponents Need To Know About Canada's New Impact Assessment Act
Effective August 28, 2019, the Impact Assessment Act IAA will set aside the past 40 years of federal environmental assessment in Canada.
30 Aug 2019
Public Law Case Update - August 2019
Written by Gowling WLG's team of public law and regulation experts, our case update offers a straightforward and concise overview of six recent important cases
European Union
26 Aug 2019
No Deal Brexit Could Mean Less Leverage Power In Forging A UK/US Trade Deal
Bernardine Adkins was interviewed on Channel 4 News about the realities of a UK/US trade deal, in light of Dominic Rabb's current visit to forge ties.
12 Aug 2019
Brexit: Is A Second Referendum A Possibility?
The possibility of having a second referendum has become embedded into the political discussion around Brexit.
9 Aug 2019
Lawyers Re-Engage On Anti-Money Laundering
In April 2019, we wrote about the federal government's efforts on transparency in shareholdings for Canada Business Corporation Act companies
5 Aug 2019
The Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Deconstructed
The Withdrawal Agreement sets out the terms on which the UK will leave the EU.
5 Aug 2019
Brexit: Contractual Issues
With the future of the UK and Brexit still remaining unclear, Ian Chapman-Curry, David Lowe and Clark Sargent discuss the issues arising in contract and commercial law if the UK leaves the EU.
European Union
5 Aug 2019
What Does No Deal Brexit Mean?
The political slogan coined by Theresa May 'No deal is better than a bad deal' has taken hold in discussions on Brexit
European Union
31 Jul 2019
Can Parliament Prevent A No-Deal Brexit?
Our Head of Constitutional Affairs gives his analysis of the political and legal tools which may be used by Parliament to prevent a no-deal Brexit.
29 Jul 2019
The Realities Of A No-Deal Brexit For Businesses - Sky News Interview With David Lowe
David Lowe spoke to Sky News about the realistic impact of a no-deal Brexit, following comments made by Business Secretary,
29 Jul 2019
GATT Article XXIV (Article 24) Under The Spotlight
Article XXIV of the GATT recently came into focus when Conservative Party leadership candidate and potential future UK Prime Minister candidate, Boris Johnson, claimed it could be a potential option for the UK...
European Union
25 Jul 2019
What Is The Customs Union?
As we continue to navigate the uncertainty that Brexit brings to trade, it's essential to understand what the Customs Union is and how the current landscape
European Union
15 Jul 2019
Ontario Court Of Appeal Decides The Federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act Is Constitutional
Today, the Ontario Court of Appeal released its decision confirming that the federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act (the "GGPPA" or the "Act") is constitutional.
11 Jul 2019
Saudi Arms Case - Government Told To Ask The Right Questions, And Answer Them
The Court of Appeal's decision in R (on the application of Campaign Against Arms Trade) v Secretary of State for International Trade presents a rare example of a successful challenge
8 Jul 2019
Bernardine Adkins Talks To BBC News About Claims That The UK Would Have No Tariffs Under GATT XXIV (Video)
Bernardine Adkins spoke to Carrie Gracie on BBC News about Liam Fox disputing Boris Johnson's claims that the UK would have no tariffs under GATT XXIV.
European Union
8 Jul 2019
Political Winds Blow Northward
The Arctic has a very long history of avoiding the limelight. But, with the relentless developments related to climate change and escalating rhetoric over territorial sovereignty
26 Jun 2019
Public Law Case Update - June 2019
Our latest case update includes five significant cases chosen by the Public Law and Regulation team to highlight important principles or procedural points.
European Union
25 Jun 2019
What The EU Elections Mean For Brexit
Nigel Farage's newly formed Brexit party won the most UK seats in the EU Parliament elections, delivering a significant challenge to the nation's two main political parties.
European Union
18 Jun 2019
What Impact Could A Second Referendum Have On Business?
Under Theresa May's ill-fated Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB), MPs would have been given the chance to vote on whether to hold a second referendum.
17 Jun 2019
Coming Into Force Of Provisions Concerning Public Bodies' Obligation To Establish A Procedure For Receiving And Examining Complaints
In January, we published an article on the enactment of certain provisions of the Act to facilitate oversight of public bodies' contracts and to establish the Autorité des marchés publics (the "Act").
10 Jun 2019
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