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Law Of 4 April 2019 Aims To Simplify Organisation Of Social Elections
Employers should normally keep a special personnel register which includes the average employment of temporary employees.
10 Jul 2019
The Hague Court Of Appeal Rules On Lawfulness Of Dawn Raids
It upheld the ruling by the District Court of The Hague of 10 October 2018.
15 May 2019
Advocate General Bot Finds The CETA Investment Court System Compatible With EU Law
International agreements to which the European Union seeks to become a party must respect the autonomy of the EU legal order.
European Union
17 Apr 2019
Flanders Introduces A Safeguard Mechanism To Control Foreign Investments
The Safeguard Mechanism is introduced amid growing concern regarding foreign investments in strategic infrastructure and technology in Europe.
15 Apr 2019
Supreme Court Rules On Validity Of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's Arbitration Clause In Light Of Article 6 European Convention On Human Rights
In 2010, NATO terminated the service agreement and Mr. P then brought an action for damages before the Belgian courts.
6 Dec 2018
Constitutional Court Adopts Position Regarding Validity Of Contractual Notice Clauses
Under that regime, the notice period to be observed by the employer must be determined in accordance with a two-step-calculation.
29 Nov 2018
United Kingdom Surveillance Fails To Protect Privacy And Provides Insufficient Safeguards For Freedom Of Expression
Article 8 of the Convention protects an individual's right to respect for private and family life both at home and in correspondence.
European Union
7 Nov 2018
New Belgian Ultimate Beneficial Owner Register
The Royal Decree of 14 August 2018, which will enter into force on 31 October 2018, defines the regulatory framework for the new central register of beneficial ownership.
5 Oct 2018
Court Of Justice Of European Union Holds That Administrator Of Facebook Fan Page Is Controller
Finally, the ULD appealed to the Court which then decided to stay the proceedings and refer a number of questions to the ECJ for a preliminary ruling.
European Union
31 Aug 2018
New National Security Merger Thresholds Come Into Force In The UK
On 11 June 2018, new merger control thresholds entered into force in the UK, allowing for greater intervention in transactions raising national security concerns.
7 Aug 2018
Amending Royal Decree On Public Procurement
On 18 April 2018, the Belgian Official Journal (Belgisch Staatsblad/Moniteur belge) published an amending Royal Decree amending public procurement laws ...
20 Jun 2018
Charter To Facilitate Access Of SMEs To Public Procurement Procedures
On 14 February 2018, the Belgian Official Journal (Belgisch Staatsblad/Moniteur belge) published a Charter on the Access of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to Public Procurement Procedures ...
30 Apr 2018
Advocate General Proposes Clarification Of Obligations When Related Companies Submit Individual Tenders
On 22 November 2017, Advocate General Campos Sánchez-Bordona (the "AG") gave his opinion in Case C-531/16 Šiaulių regiono atliekų tvarkymo centras and Others (the "Opinion").
European Union
15 Jan 2018
Completion And Entry Into Force Of New Regulatory Framework Governing Public Procurement
On 30 June 2017, the new Belgian regulatory framework on public procurement entered into force.
European Union
10 Aug 2017
Constitutional Court Declares Arco Guarantee Granted By Belgium Unconstitutional
On 15 June 2017, the Constitutional Court delivered a judgment on the guarantee scheme granted by Belgium to three financial cooperatives of the ARCO group.
10 Aug 2017
Constitutional Court Holds That Third Party Opposition Against Arbitral Awards Is Admissible
This judgment arose following an arbitral award given in 2012. A company that was not a party to the arbitration proceedings but nevertheless felt aggrieved by the award initiated third party proceedings...
29 Mar 2017
Publication Of Law On Public Procurement
Most of the provisions of the Law concerning Public Procurement will enter into force only on a date determined by a Royal Decree yet to be adopted.
6 Sep 2016
Belgian Supreme Court Holds That Right To Be Forgotten Extends To Newspaper Archives
Dr. O.G. had been involved in a car accident causing the death of two persons. This accident was reported in the November 1994 edition of Le Soir featuring a specific reference to Dr. O.G.'s name and surname.
15 Jun 2016
Belgian Constitutional Court Issues Two Judgments On Position Of Tax Claims Under Law On Continuity Of Enterprises
In two judgments, dated 18 February 2016 and 24 March 2016, the Constitutional Court decided on the constitutionality of two provisions of the Law of 31 January 2009 on the Continuity of Enterprises.
17 May 2016
Constitutional Court Annuls Article 70 § 4 And Part Of Article 97 Of Law Governing Unified Status Of Blue Collar And White Collar Workers With Regard To Notice Periods, First Day Of Unpaid Sick Leave And Accompanying Measures
Article 97 of the Law stipulates that blue collar workers who fall under the scope of Article 70 of the Law are excluded from the termination compensation, which is paid by the federal employment agency.
20 Oct 2015
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