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Supreme Court Decides Key Trademark Licensee Issue In Bankruptcy
On May 20, 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled a trademark licensee can continue to use the trademark after a bankrupt licensor rejects ...
United States
5 Jun 2019
Branding Your Bud: New U.S. Trademark Office Guidelines For Cannabis
Cannabis companies have not historically had access to the same avenues of brand protection as other companies.
United States
28 May 2019
Are Headline And Title Writers Getting Too Cocky About Their IP Rights?
Everyone is chasing the perfectly crafted headline that you can't help but click, share or buy.
United States
3 Aug 2018
Grumpy Cat Still Grumpy Despite Big Copyright Verdict
As the old saying goes, "If you mess with the bull, you get the horns."
United States
1 Feb 2018
Study Highlights Prevalence Of Counterfeit And Fraudulent Goods Online
Beneath the partisan rhetoric over "fake news" lies an important reality: Fraudulent practices thrive online — not just in news, but also in offerings of goods and services.
United States
2 Aug 2017
Your Trademarks Now Can (But Needn't) Be Offensive
If you want to — though we don't encourage it — you can now disparage ethnic groups in your federally registered trademarks.
United States
28 Jun 2017
USPTO Launches New Proof Of Use Audit Program
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has launched a new program that will require some trademark owners to submit more "specimens"...
United States
31 Mar 2017
Keyword Ads — Only Infringing If They're Confusing
Neighbors can be helpful. Our Canadian neighbors may have just helped U.S. trademark owners who wonder about the legality of use of their trademarks in Google AdWords ads...
United States
31 Mar 2017
Trademark Office Warns About Deceptive Trademark-Related Solicitations
The recent focus on fake news should remind trademark owners of the special care they need to take with communications about their trademark applications.
United States
11 Jan 2017
Boundaries Of America Invents Act Review Procedures Still Being Defined
With the America Invents Act (AIA), the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) was tasked with creating a new administrative process for challenging certain business method patents.
United States
16 Dec 2016
What U.S. Companies Need To Know About Their IP Rights Post-Brexit
On June 23, 2016, the British public voted in a referendum in favour of the U.K. withdrawing from the EU. For now, the U.K. is still very much part of the Union.
United States
5 Oct 2016
Signer With Remorse Seeks To Avoid ‘Unrestricted' Photography Release
Elodie Passelaigue made various legal claims against Getty Images over its licensure of an image of her for Botox ads.
United States
8 Jun 2016
Branding Your Bud: Why Trademarks Are Tricky For Marijuana Businesses
Brand loyalty builds businesses. That's why most businesses need successful brands, and, ideally, brands backed by a federal trademark registration.
United States
1 Sep 2015
Web Trademarks: It's Not The Words, It's The Action
In the old days, you obtained nationwide priority for your trademark only through federal registration.
United States
6 Jul 2015
Don't Underestimate The Importance Of TTAB Proceedings
B&B Hardware presented a case of two trademarks: SEALTITE and SEALTIGHT.
United States
18 Apr 2015
Duke, Hershey, And Winston: Who Gets To Trademark A Famous Name?
Common sense tells you that you can always use your own name.
United States
12 Aug 2014
Who Owns Your Domain Names?
Asking who owns your domain name is not as silly a question as you might think. And it is one that needs more attention from many businesses.
United States
25 Jul 2014
Redskins Trademark Case Highlights Value Of Linguistic Analysis
The Washington Redskins trademark case has sparked heated discussion among football fans, advocates of Native American interests, and foes of political correctness.
United States
30 Jun 2014
TC's Inside IP - Winter 2013
A quarterly newsletter from the Intellectual Property Practice Group at Thompson Coburn LLP.
United States
31 Dec 2013
Counterfeits Can Kill U.S. Troops. So Why Isn't Congress And DoD Doing More To Stop it?
That huge military demand has fueled a rampant and quite sophisticated counterfeit network that spans the globe.
United States
16 Aug 2013
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