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The Significant Role Of Colour In Russian Trademarks
When scanning the shelves for a particular product, consumers typically look for the colour that they associate with their preferred brand. Indeed, colour plays a significant role in strengthening
Russian Federation
6 Sep 2019
How To Buy A Trademark In Russia
There may be several scenarios in which a company needs to buy a Russian-registered trademark owned by a third party.
Russian Federation
30 Aug 2019
The Importance Of Intellectual Property Rights In Technology
As technology continues to alter and change the very fabric of how we live and work, it is clear that almost every industry is set to be (or already being) disrupted by innovation
9 Aug 2019
China Introduces "Intent To Use" To Combat Trademark Piracy In Its Recent Trademark Law Amendment
On 23 April 2019, just three days before the World Intellectual Property (IP) Day the national legislature in China swiftly approved the fourth amendment to the country's Trademark Law.
26 Jul 2019
Mobile Customs Groups: From Combating Sanctioned Food To Fighting Counterfeits
In response to international sanctions imposed on Russia as part of the country's confrontation with the West over the political situation in Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula
Russian Federation
25 Jul 2019
Canada's New Trademarks Act: One Month Later
A month has now passed since the coming into force of the most significant revisions to Canada's Trademarks Act in decades. Changes including the removal of use as a prerequisite to registration and the accession
25 Jul 2019
Canada's Trademark Applications For Marijuana Products And Services Cause An International Stir At The Nice Committee Of Experts
I had the honour to represent the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC) at the 29th session of the Nice Committee of Experts in Geneva
17 Jul 2019
Why The C-Suite And IP Team Should Talk
In markets being changed by disruptive technology, intellectual property can be a CEO's best friend. But seeing IP as 'legal' not commercial misses the bigger picture.
12 Jul 2019
Countdown To Canada's New Trademarks Act: Taking Advantage Of Divisional Applications, And A Caution About The Trademarks Database
After the changes to the Trademarks Act take effect on June 17, applicants will have a new tool for reaching registration efficiently - divisional applications.
26 Jun 2019
Countdown To Canada's New Trademarks Act: Renew Now To Avoid Per Class Fees
Consider early renewal of your Canadian trademark registrations now. The current government fee to renew registrations is $350. Registrations ...
14 Jun 2019
Use Of Trademarks On Signboards In The GCC
In the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)[1] countries, all traders require a permit in order to be able to display any branding or name on billboards or stores' signage.
United Arab Emirates
29 May 2019
Countdown To Canada's New Trademarks Act: Extensions And Voluntary Classification
Changes to Canada's Trademarks Act scheduled to take effect on June 17 have led to a noted increase in trolling activity and filing of "all-class" applications.
14 May 2019
Trademark Basics For Start-Ups
A big part of establishing a successful start-up business is developing a meaningful brand.
14 May 2019
Well-Known Trademarks: Definition And Scope Of Protection Under Russian Law
Legal protection for well-known trademarks in Russia rests on the provisions of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.
Russian Federation
7 May 2019
Law To Improve Accessibility To Marketing Authorisations For Drugs Could Have Some Nasty Side-Effects
Precis: The Russian Ministry of Health has introduced a draft bill that clarifies the application process for marketing authorisations for a drug.
Russian Federation
2 May 2019
Countdown To Canada's New Trademarks Act: Multi-Class Applications
File multi-class applications NOW, for the flat government filing fee of $250 CDN. Once the application has been allowed, a $200 CDN government registration fee will apply.
30 Apr 2019
Countdown To Canada's New Trademarks Act: Take Action
With the June 17 "coming into force" date of the new Canadian Trademarks Act fast approaching, there are opportunities you can be taking advantage of NOW.
10 Apr 2019
Brexit: The Effect On UK And European Design Rights
The UK is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019. Until a deal is in place, the UK will leave with "no deal". Businesses are being forced to consider what will happen ...
European Union
12 Mar 2019
Optional Pre-Grant Publication Of Design Applications Introduced In Russia
New federal law "On amendments to Part IV of the Civil Code" will take effect on 26 June 2019 New law allows publication of information on design applications at applicant's request and provides temporary protection...
Russian Federation
6 Mar 2019
What Happens To A Trademark After A Legal Entity Is Liquidated?
Any transfer of exclusive rights must be recorded with the Russia Patent and Trademark Office
Russian Federation
6 Mar 2019
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