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Unified Patent Court Agreement Ratified by the UK
The UK ratified the Unified Patent Court Agreement ("UPCA") on 26 April 2018. The UPCA will introduce the Unified Patent Court which will establish a single scheme for patent litigation across contracting Member States.
16 May 2018
European Commission Publishes Revised Guidelines On Criteria For Orphan Designations Of Medicinal Products
The eligibility is based on the risk of EU residents becoming affected by the disease.
European Union
12 Jan 2017
Brexit: How will it affect my business? The implications for data privacy, intellectual property and information technology matters
Following a referendum held on 23 June 2016, it has been announced that the United Kingdom has decided to leave the European Union ("Brexit").
24 Jun 2016
Intellectual Property, Technology & Data Protection 2016: Legal Developments You Need To Know About
This is a short guide to some of the key legal developments for intellectual property, technology and data protection in 2016.
European Union
2 Mar 2016
Intellectual Property & Data Protection 2015: Legal Developments You Need To Know About
Please find below a short guide to some of the key legal developments for intellectual property and data protection in 2015.
22 Jan 2015
EU Advocate General: No Injunction Against Users Of Standard Essential Patents Without An Offer To License
The owner of a standard essential patent (SEP) may have to make a licence offer before seeking an injunction, following the non binding opinion of the Advocate General in the Huawei/ZTE case before the EU’s top court.
19 Dec 2014
UK Supreme Court Decides When Making Spare Parts Amounts To Patent Infringement, And The Consequences For Failing To Register A Patent Licence
The UK Supreme Court has unanimously ruled on an important commercial activity for patentees and spare part manufacturers, namely when supplying replacement parts constitutes patent infringement.
27 Mar 2013
Intellectual Property & Life Sciences 2013: Legal Developments You Need To Know About
This is a short guide to some of the key legal developments for intellectual property in the life sciences sector in 2013.
European Union
25 Jan 2013
SPCs And The European Jurisprudence On Patent Term Extensions
Patent extensions are vitally important in the life sciences industry.
18 Dec 2012
An Important New Weapon In Pan-European Patent Disputes - The English Courts Can Hear Non-English Patent Infringement Cases
The English Patents Court has delivered a ground-breaking judgment which could change the way that European patent litigation is conducted.
11 Dec 2012
Europe Determines When Email Disclosures Can Be Prior Art
The European Patent Office Technical Board of Appeal has ruled on what is increasingly an important component of the evidence forming prior art attacks, namely alleged disclosures by email.
European Union
1 Oct 2012
Current Patent Litigation Trends: UK and Germany
Previously in this series we have emphasised the importance of patentees crafting a carefully thought out pan-European patent litigation strategy designed to achieve their commercial objectives.
European Union
26 Sep 2012
10 Things That Those Looking to the UK as a Location for R&D and Commercialisation Should Know About the Patent Box Proposal
On 6 December 2011, the UK Government released draft legislation detailing its proposal to introduce from 1 April 2013 an optional preferential regime providing for a reduced 10% UK corporation tax rate for profits arising from patents (and other limited forms of qualifying IP, such as rights pertaining to the regulatory data protection granted to new pharmaceuticals and agrochemical products and plant variety rights).
9 Feb 2012
A Step Back From The Patent Cliff? The Court Of Justice Of The EU Rules On SPCs
The Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU", the new name for the ECJ) has today delivered its highly anticipated judgments on the grant of EU-wide Supplementary Protection Certificates ("SPCs") for medicinal products.
European Union
25 Nov 2011
UK Supreme Court Lowers The Threshold For Biologics Patents
The UK Supreme Court has handed down an important judgment that establishes when patents for biological materials will satisfy the test of industrial applicability.
24 Nov 2011
Lady Gaga Stops Lady Goo Goo's Song – Trade Marks And Parodies In The UK
Lady Gaga's company has won an interim injunction in the UK against a song by animated character Lady Goo Goo, who features in the Moshi Monsters children's game.
31 Oct 2011
Europe Determines When Use is Use
The EU General Court has recently handed down a judgment that for the first time properly lays down hard guidance on what constitutes genuine use of a trade mark in the EU sufficient to keep a registration alive.
European Union
26 Oct 2011
The smartphone wars arms race – FRAND* limitations on patent deployment
The patent wars raging in the global technology sector show no signs of a ceasefire. If anything, the tempo is increasing.
12 Sep 2011
Competition Law and Intellectual Property Go Another Round
In a new judgment that further explores the application of competition law to intellectual property rights, the EU General Court has upheld a 2005 Commission decision finding that AstraZeneca abused a market-dominant position by blocking or delaying the entry of generic versions of its ulcer drug Losec.
European Union
6 Jul 2010
Patent Box
The Chancellor, Alistair Darling, announced in the Pre-Budget Report on 9 December 2009 that he plans to introduce a so-called "patent box" which would give a favourable tax treatment to income derived from patents.
8 Mar 2010
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