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Amendments To South African IP Exchange Control Guidelines
The SARB has now issued two circulars relating to IP and exchange control.
South Africa
14 Jun 2017
Intellectual Property Tax And Exchange Control Reform – The Details Revealed
The 2017 Budget Review contains two important statements in this context.
South Africa
25 Apr 2017
The 2017 South African Budget Review: Cross-Border IP Transactions
The 2017 South African budget review was published on 22 February 2017, and made several comments that will have an impact on cross-border IP transactions.
South Africa
10 Mar 2017
Donald Trump's Contribution To Trade Mark Law
"The Trump Organization also earns income by licensing the Trump name to building developers around the world." – BBC news site in an article entitled "What conflicts of interest could Donald Trump have?"
South Africa
8 Dec 2016
An Overview Of South Africa's IP Consultative Framework
The IPCF reflects the DTI's views on South Africa's IP policy position in the form of a consultative instrument.
South Africa
9 Nov 2016
A Very Reasonable Royalty
Major damages awards are rare in South African IP cases – we've certainly never seen anything like the US$1-billon that was awarded in the USA in a case involving Apple and Samsung.
South Africa
6 Nov 2015
Software Licences - Be Careful!
The Supreme Court of Appeal recently handed down judgment in the case of Attachmate Corporation v Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs (20 May 2015).
South Africa
10 Jun 2015
Industrial Property Bill Signed Into Law On January 06, 2014
The Industrial Property Bill that was passed on the 22nd August 2013 was accepted into Ugandan law on the 6th January 2014.
20 Apr 2014
Managing Risk Under Intellectual Property Licences
A lot is written about structuring robust intellectual property licensing programs, whether from the perspective of licensors or licensees of intellectual property rights.
South Africa
27 Mar 2014
Intellectual Property licences And Sub-licences
It’s not uncommon for a company that owns intellectual property such as trade marks, patents and copyright to grant another company the right to use that IP.
South Africa
25 Jun 2013
IP And Publicly Financed R&D
A discussion on the important intellectual property legislatio, introduced by the government in 2008.
South Africa
25 Feb 2013
The Google Tax
The way in which we keep up with the news has changed greatly overly the past decade.
South Africa
12 Dec 2012
South African Firms Take On African IP Challenge
The thought of Africa may conjure up images of disease, poverty, wars, famine and downwardly progressing economies.
South Africa
25 Apr 2012
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