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Another Shoe Drops In The Qualcomm Patent Licensing Saga
Just when observers thought Qualcomm could celebrate its successful litigation with Apple another decision has come down which could have major implications for Qualcomm's business going forward.
United States
7 Jun 2019
Korean Ruling Places Qualcomm's Business Model At Risk
On December 28, 2016, the Korean Fair Trade Commission issued a steep fine against Qualcomm for antitrust violations in patent licensing and modem chip sales – a record penalty that the U.S. company will challenge in court.
South Korea
2 Feb 2017
FTC And DOJ Issue Proposed Updates To Antitrust Guidelines For Licensing IP
For the first time in 26 years, the FTC and DOJ have issued proposed updates to the Antitrust Guidelines for the Licensing of Intellectual Property, last revised in 1995.
United States
19 Oct 2016
Evolving SEP Jurisprudence And RAND Determinations In Microsoft v. Motorola
Last month, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a pivotal decision in Microsoft v. Motorola regarding the licensing of standard essential patents on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.
United States
21 Aug 2015
Ninth Circuit Upholds Judge Robart's RAND Determinations In Microsoft v. Motorola
The next day, Motorola brought an action in the Western District of Wisconsin seeking to enjoin Microsoft from using its H.264 patents.
United States
17 Aug 2015
No One Told John Oliver About The America Invents Act: Last Week Tonight Stuck In 2012
Those that excel at innovation should be entitled to focus on doing so without diverting their attention.
United States
7 May 2015
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