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Council Of The EU Formally Adopts EU Copyright Directive
After the EU Copyright Directive was passed by the EU Parliament last month (see our original blog post for further details), it was formally approved by the Council of the European Union on April 15
European Union
2 May 2019
Brexit: How will it affect my business? The implications for data privacy, intellectual property and information technology matters
Following a referendum held on 23 June 2016, it has been announced that the United Kingdom has decided to leave the European Union ("Brexit").
24 Jun 2016
Using Open Source and Creative Commons Licences - CL-IPs #2
CL-IPs is an educational YouTube series made by the law firm Mayer Brown International. The goal of the series is to help online content producers understand legal issues in the field of intellectual property and technology.
16 May 2016
Copyright and Fair Use (Video content)
Our pilot episode (below) provides a crash course on copyright basics and explains the notorious fair-use exception. We would welcome feedback and suggestions for future content.
15 Apr 2016
Copyright Developments In 2014: A Quick Overview
The UK and European copyright framework is undergoing some substantial changes which will impact on businesses and consumers alike.
29 Apr 2014
Intellectual Property & Data Protection 2014: Legal Developments You Need To Know About
This is a short guide to some of the key legal developments for intellectual property and data protection in 2014.
6 Feb 2014
Software Copyright - New Developments In The UK
The UK Courts have recently decided a high-profile software copyright case, following clarification on some key issues from the European Court.
6 Mar 2013
Intellectual Property & Life Sciences 2013: Legal Developments You Need To Know About
This is a short guide to some of the key legal developments for intellectual property in the life sciences sector in 2013.
European Union
25 Jan 2013
Joy To The Classical World - Music Industry Pierces The Corporate Veil
Earlier this month, judgment in Naxos Rights International Ltd v Project Management (Borders) Ltd and Salmon [2012] CSOH 158 was handed down by the Scottish courts.
2 Nov 2012
CJEU Judgment On Jurisdiction For Football Dataco v Sportradar
Last week the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that where a website operator targets and then provides material infringing "sui generis" database rights to recipients based in an EU Member State over the internet, the act of infringement occurs at least in the EU Member State where those recipients are located.
European Union
29 Oct 2012
Advocate General Issues Opinion In Football Dataco v Sportradar
The Advocate General is responsible for presenting an impartial and public opinion on each case brought before the European Court of Justice before a ruling is made.
28 Jun 2012
The European Court of Justice Rules on How Far Copyright Extends in Computer Programs
On 2 May 2012 the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union published its decision in SAS Institute Inc v World Programming Ltd (Case C-406-1) ruling on the extent of copyright infringement claims over ideas and procedures.
9 May 2012
Premier League Copyright Infringed but High Court Calls Time on Anti-Competitive Contracts
Following the recent landmark decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), the UK High Court has ruled that using decoder cards imported from other Member States to show live Premier League football matches in UK pubs constitutes a "communication to the public" and can give rise to copyright infringement of the "works" contained in those broadcasts.
9 Feb 2012
Lady Gaga Stops Lady Goo Goo's Song – Trade Marks And Parodies In The UK
Lady Gaga's company has won an interim injunction in the UK against a song by animated character Lady Goo Goo, who features in the Moshi Monsters children's game.
31 Oct 2011
The Young Ones Get Older: Copyright In Sound Recordings Extended By 20 Years
The EU Council has voted to extend the copyright on sound recordings from 50 to 70 years.
22 Sep 2011
Star Wars Episode III - English Supreme Court decision: A New Hope for the enforcement of non-EU copyrights, or a Phantom Menace for UK-domiciled entities?
The English Supreme Court has ruled that the English Courts are able to hear claims for infringement of US copyright brought against UK-domiciled defendants – and should do so.
16 Sep 2011
UK Government Responds To The Hargreaves Review
The Government has released its response to the Hargreaves Review (an analysis of our current IP regime commissioned by the Government, discussed in our earlier client alert "Fit for the internet age? The Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property and Growth").
10 Aug 2011
Fit for the Internet age? The Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property and Growth
Professor Ian Hargreaves’ much anticipated review of the UK’s intellectual property regime was published on 18 May 2011. We provide a snapshot of its key features.
26 May 2011
Fundamental Questions About the Scope of Copyright Protection for Software to be Referred to the European Court of Justice
An extensively argued case in the English High Court about the extent to which a software program can emulate the functionality of another program has led to some fundamental questions being raised with the European Court of Justice as to the correct interpretation of the 1991 EU Software Directive.
European Union
3 Aug 2010
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