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Small Changes That Make A Big Difference - The Recent Amendments To Polish IP Law
With a slight lag of two months, on 11 March, the Polish President signed the bill amending Intellectual Property Law ("IP Law")
1 Apr 2019
Austrian Constitutional Court Declares Percentage Cap Of Copyright Levies Null And Void
Copyright levies on recording media have been occupying the Austrian courts, courts of other Member States ...
17 Jan 2019
Major Changes In Trade Secret Protection Are Coming To Hungary
The deadline set for the Member States to transpose the Directive into their national law was 9 June 2018.
23 Aug 2018
Beware: Not Only May 25 But Also June 9 Has Passed
It seems not only companies but also many Member States were so busy preparing for the GDPR that they lost sight of the Trade Secrets Directive that should have been transposed into national laws by June 9.
European Union
13 Jun 2018
Machine Learning: Whom To Blame, Whom To Credit In Austria?
As of April 2018, California will allow fully autonomous cars to be tested without safety drivers on public roads. One interesting question in this context is whom to blame for damages caused by...
28 Feb 2018
Employee Consent To Data Processing
Under Polish labour law, an employer may request the following data from an employee:
21 Feb 2018
What Does The 22nd Amendment To The Czech Copyright Act Mean For Businesses?
The amendment also responds to some practical issues in relation to the licensing of copyrighted works, and generally aims to make the Copyright Act more coherent.
Czech Republic
3 Jul 2017
Odpovědnost provozovatelů obchodních prodejních mist za porušování práv z duševního vlastnictví
Žalobci se následně dovolali k Nej- vyššímu soudu, který předložil spornou otázku postavení žalovaného jakožto zprostředkovatele k posouzení Soudní- mu dvoru EU.
European Union
2 May 2017
The Schoenher Journal - April 2017: Legal Developments in the Czech Republic (Czech language)
The Schoenherr Journal, published in April 2017 by Schoenherr's Prague office examines the most recent and most important legal developments in the Czech Republic
Czech Republic
28 Apr 2017
News On Linking From The CJEU
Persons posting hyperlinks for profit should even consider proactively verifying whether the content to which they link is illegally published on the internet.
European Union
12 Sep 2016
#Rio2016 - A Trademark Infringement?
The registration of a sign as a trademark does not mean that the sign cannot be used without the permission of the trademark owner at all.
22 Aug 2016
One And Two Character Domain Names Will Be Available Soon Under The Austrian ccTLD <.at>
As of 29 August 2016, will initiate the launch process of approx 5,000 one and two character domain names under the TLD [.at].
3 Aug 2016
CJEU Rules On Liability Of Marketplace Operators For Trademark Infringements
Should landlords care about their tenants' IP infringements? According to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), they should!
European Union
13 Jul 2016
"Brexit" - BrexIP?
Besides coverage of the UEFA-championship, news of the UK vote on "Brexit" dominated the news last week.
European Union
29 Jun 2016
Hyperlinking To Online-Radio Broadcasts
The relationship between hyperlinking and copyright is much debated. Although recent decisions of the ECJ have shed some light on the question, many questions still remain when hyperlinking to copyrighted content should be considered a copyright infringement.
18 May 2016
EU Trademark System Changes - Practical Effects On Portfolio Management And Strategy
The EU trademark system has undergone substantial reform. A first set of changes entered into force on 23 March 2016.
European Union
29 Mar 2016
<.insurance> - A New gTLD Targeting The Insurance Sector
Industry related generic Top-Level Domain ("gTLD") <.insurance> provides new opportunities and new challenges for online activities in the insurance sector.
7 Mar 2016
Draft Of New Trademark Act Introduces Trademark Opposition System And Various Other Changes
The draft of Serbia's new Trademark Act strives to remove shortcomings in the existing trademark legislation and further harmonize Serbian laws with those of the European Union.
8 Feb 2016
Letters Of Consent Once Again Effective In Patent Office Proceedings
In Poland, procedures related to granting protection to international trade mark are regulated by The Industrial Property Law of 30 June 2000 ("IPL").
16 Dec 2015
New Law Grants Attorneys At Law With The Right Of Trademark Administration Before The Polish Patent Office
The procedures governing the administration of industrial property rights, managed by the Polish Patent Office, have to date been regulated by the Industrial Property Law of 30 June 2000 ("IPL").
27 Oct 2015
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