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Changes to the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill
If tenants damage property, they either pay the landlord's insurance excess or four weeks rent, whichever is the lesser.
New Zealand
2 Sep 2019
Supreme Court decides reinstatement benefits cannot be assigned
Reinstatement Benefits are personal benefits to the original insured party only and cannot be assigned to a purchaser.
New Zealand
11 Jul 2019
Insurance contracts and conduct of financial institutions review – MBIE Options Papers released
Article discusses key changes being considered after MBIE review of insurance contract law.
New Zealand
21 May 2019
Insurance fraud – recovery of exemplary damages - UK case
There seems no reason why NZ courts would not take a similar approach to the United Kingdom for serious insurance fraud.
New Zealand
12 Oct 2018
Court of Appeal rejects QBE appeal contending double insurance
The Court of Appeal rejected QBE's appeal and said that the Allianz policy would incept on the expiry of the QBE policy.
New Zealand
11 Aug 2018
Review of insurance contract law – calling for submissions
There is still time to have your say in the review of insurance contract law… until 13 July 2018.
New Zealand
14 Jun 2018
Defective earthquake repairs: who should you sue?
This case is currently authority for the position that an insured homeowner can sue their insurer for defective repairs.
New Zealand
17 May 2018
Has your property been damaged by Cyclone Fehi?
If Cyclone Fehi has caused flooding, landslip or other damage to your property, you can lodge a claim with EQC.
New Zealand
3 Feb 2018
Tenant liability for damage – High Court ruling
Tenants are not liable for insured damage unless the damage was intentional, rather than accidental, or even reckless.
New Zealand
11 Jan 2018
Double insurance or seamless cover? When the inception time of insurance cover matters
The time of inception on an insurance policy has recently been argued and considered by the High Court in this judgment.
New Zealand
25 Aug 2017
Reopening an insurance cash settlement agreement? Supreme Court says no!
NZ courts are reluctant to reopen a settlement agreement unless there has been deception, duress, or misleading conduct.
New Zealand
22 Mar 2017
Can a settlement agreement ever be set aside?
This UK decision is significant, as an insurer may seek to reopen a settlement agreement if fraud can later be proven.
New Zealand
21 Mar 2017
Legal defence costs and the limits of professional indemnity insurance
Professional indemnity insurers can apply a very strict interpretation of which business activities are insured.
New Zealand
17 Jan 2016
Papering over the cracks: a summary of the case - University of Canterbury v Insurance Council of NZ
Local authorities cannot require building owners to strengthen buildings to exceed 33% of new building standards (NBS).
New Zealand
14 Sep 2015
Reopening an insurance cash settlement agreement?
The Court said that 'no'; an insured could not reopen its claim once it had signed a binding cash settlement agreement.
New Zealand
14 Sep 2015
Insurance risks drive robust legal activity
As well as earthquake claims, there are maritime and regulatory risks driving insurance activity in the legal industry.
New Zealand
9 Sep 2015
Supreme Court finds no doctrine of merger in commercial property policy
The NZ Supreme Court has considered an insurer's liability for multiple events occurring in the same policy period.
New Zealand
2 Sep 2014
Choosing the basis of settlement: Does Tower really hold all of the cards? Apparently not
The concerns we raised in our previous article have been confirmed in the Court of Appeal's decision.
New Zealand
26 May 2014
The ongoing debate concerning automatic reinstatment memoranda in material damage insurance covers
The debate about the application of reinstatement memoranda is likely to be re-considered in the Court of Appeal in 2014.
New Zealand
28 Mar 2014
'Til death do our (earthquake) insurance claims part
The article discusses the legal position where an insured homeowner dies prior to settlement of an earthquake claim.
New Zealand
31 Jan 2014
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