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The Cross-Border Quarterly Report - September 2018
The Cross-Border Quarterly Report is a snapshot of transactional activity across the Canada-U.S. border.
1 Oct 2018
Legislative Update Report No. 2017-17
Publication of final decision after screening assessment of three distillate aromatic extract substances — extracts (petroleum)...
9 Oct 2017
Court Rejects U.S. Pension Claim In Canadian CCAA Proceeding
In a precedent-setting decision, Justice Fitzpatrick of the British Columbia Supreme Court held that a U.S. multi-employer pension plan's claim for $1.25 billion against Canadian CCAA debtors was invalid.
8 May 2017
Federal Budget Briefing 2017
The Honourable Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance (the Minister), tabled the Liberal government's second budget on March 22, 2017 (Budget 2017).
23 Mar 2017
Infographic: A Practical Guide To Representations And Warranties Insurance
The use of representations and warranties insurance for M&A transactions has grown rapidly in international markets and is on the rise in Canada.
21 Jun 2016
Three Ontario Court Of Appeal Decisions Hold Standard Form Insurance Contracts Are To Be Reviewed On Correctness Standard
Contract law was forever changed in Canada as a result of the Supreme Court's 2014 decision in Sattva Capital Corp. v. Creston Moly Corp.
6 Jun 2016
Hoang v. Vicentini: Reasonable Apprehension Of Conflict Of Interest Found Based On Position Taken In Notice Of Cross-Appeal
While such an order is not novel, this ruling highlights the significance of the content of notices of appeal and cross-appeal.
8 Jan 2016
OSPCA v. Sovereign General Insurance: Ontario Court Of Appeal Holds That Interpretation Of Insurance Contract Raises Questions Of Mixed Fact And Law
As we have previously discussed, the 2014 Supreme Court of Canada decision in Sattva Capital Corp. v. Creston Moly Corp. held that contractual interpretation is a question of mixed fact and law...
27 Nov 2015
It's All In The Fine Print: Will Your Fiduciary Insurance Cover You When You Need It?
Will that insurer your company has been paying premiums to for all of these years stand behind you if you are sued for ERISA violations?
23 Oct 2015
UK Introduces Whistleblower Rules For Banks And Insurance Companies
How a firm deals with complaint handling and "whistleblower" reporting remains an ongoing challenge for directors, executives and the in-house counsel who advise them.
19 Oct 2015
Planning To Annuitize Current Retirees? Fifth Circuit Unambiguously Upholds Verizon's Right To De-Risk
Sometimes you appreciate confirmation that actions – you always thought were permissible – continue to be viable options.
20 Aug 2015
Mallory V. Werkmann Estate: Removing Counsel For Appellant And Dismissing Motion To Intervene
Strathy C.J.O. removed counsel for an insured when one of the grounds of appeal in the notice of appeal was contrary to the interests of the insured, suggesting counsel’s loyalty lay with the insurance company that had retained him.
13 Mar 2015
The Uninsured Fiduciary: Have You Read The Fine Print In Your Policy?
If you are a plan fiduciary and your company has purchased fiduciary liability insurance, you and your board may have simply assumed that the policy would cover any fiduciary breach.
United States
10 Feb 2015
Ontario Court Of Appeal Dismisses Hope-Based Claim And Reaffirms Limits For Pure Economic Loss
The Court considered whether a company owed a novel of duty of care to stakeholders in connection with a legitimate transaction that received regulatory approval.
28 May 2014
New Requirements Re Insurance For LTD Plans Of Federally-Regulated Employers Coming Into Force In 2014
In 2012, the federal government passed Bill C-38, the Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity Act, which among other things amends the Canada Labour Code to implement insurance requirements for long-term disability plans in the federally-regulated private sector.
31 May 2013
Canada's Wage Earner Protection Program Act Amended
The Wage Earner Protection Program (the "Program") is a government-sponsored program in Canada that provides the higher of $3000 or an amount equal to four times an eligible employee’s maximum weekly insurable earnings under the Employment Insurance Act (Canada) to compensate such employees for unpaid wages where those employees are owed wages and lose their jobs as a result of their employer becoming bankrupt or becoming subject to a receivership.
19 Mar 2012
Orpin v. Littlechild: Will Revokes Insurance Policy Beneficiary Designation
The cases of Richardson Estate v. Mew and Tower Estate v. Tower Estate considered whether a provision in a separation agreement can revoke a prior beneficiary designation.
18 Jan 2012
Ontario Releases Final Regulations Re Pension Division On Marriage Breakdown
On June 24, 2011, the Ontario government published final regulations governing the division of pensions on marriage breakdown.
7 Jul 2011
Ontario Court Of Appeal Clarifies Application Of Pollution Exclusion Clauses In Commercial General Liability Policies
In "ING Insurance Company of Canada v. Miracle (Mohawk Imperial Sales and Mohawk Liquidate)", 2011 ONCA 321, the Ontario Court of Appeal held that a "Pollution Liability" exclusion clause in a Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance policy will apply where the insured participated in an activity that posed a known risk of pollution and environmental damage.
5 Jul 2011
A Significant Development In Antitrust Class Actions In Canada: The B.C. Court Of Appeal Rejects Certification Of Two Indirect Purchaser Class Actions And Adopts The Rule Of Illinois Brick
Earlier today, the B.C. Court of Appeal released two rulings that may have a profound impact on antitrust law and antitrust class actions in Canada. In two appeals, the B.C. Court of Appeal reversed certification in two pending antitrust class actions, and the B.C. Court of Appeal concluded that indirect purchasers have no cause of action in law for damages under the Competition Act.
20 Apr 2011
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