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Economic Substance Code
It is anticipated that the International Tax Authority (the "ITA") of the British Virgin Islands will soon issue its Economic Substance Code (the "Code").
British Virgin Islands
14 Jun 2019
BVI Segregated Portfolio Companies – Use In Closed Ended Fund Structures
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) will shortly implement some important changes to the rules governing segregated portfolio companies (SPCs) incorporated or registered under the BVI Business Companies Act, 2004 (BCA).
British Virgin Islands
27 Sep 2018
Segregated Portfolio Companies In The BVI – 03/09/2018
BVI entity can be either incorporated as a segregated portfolio company or if already incorporated, registered as such by the Registrar.
British Virgin Islands
6 Sep 2018
The BVI Extends Visa Exemption To PRC Nationals
The BVI Government has enacted a measure which exempts nationals of the People's Republic of China from the need to apply for a visa to visit the BVI for up to six months for business or tourism purposes.
British Virgin Islands
16 Jul 2018
Post Hurricanes Irma And Maria - Important Information For BVI Property Owners
Harneys weathered Hurricanes Irma and Maria and our BVI office reopened shortly after the passage of the storms with all teams and practice groups providing normal client service
British Virgin Islands
19 Oct 2017
English Maritime Case Raises CPR And Legal Capacity Issues For BVI Litigants
In a twist of misfortune, the Claimant's solicitors applied to come off the record immediately before the security for costs application and its demitting solicitors appeared with only instructions to seek an adjournment.
British Virgin Islands
24 Nov 2015
British Virgin Islands Insurance Legislation Overhauled
The British Virgin Islands has gazetted the Virgin Islands Insurance (Amendment) Act 2015 and the Insurance Amendment Regulations 2015.
British Virgin Islands
26 Oct 2015
Premium Financing - A Loan For Life (Insurance)
What is premium financing? Premium insurance financing enables high net worth individuals to obtain life insurance at minimal cost by arranging financing from a lender to cover the policy premiums.
British Virgin Islands
13 Apr 2015
Emerging Opportunities In Asia For BVI Products
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is the world’s leading corporate domicile, with approximately 454,000 active companies and over 500 active limited partnerships.
British Virgin Islands
18 Feb 2015
The Modern World
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) has for some time been among the top five offshore jurisdictions in the world for the domiciliation of captive insurance vehicles.
British Virgin Islands
12 Jan 2011
BVI Economy
The British Virgin Islands is a United Kingdom Overseas Territory located approximately 60 miles east of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.
British Virgin Islands
14 Dec 2010
Legal Update: BVI Case Notes
New Commercial Court rules now apply.
British Virgin Islands
23 Apr 2010
New Regulatory Legislation
New legislative provisions will come into force shortly in the British Virgin Islands relating to financial services, insurance business and financing and money services.
British Virgin Islands
28 Jan 2010
Litigation Update: BVI Liquidation Order Of Re-Insurance Company
Harneys has recently acted for a client and obtained an order from the BVI High Court for the appointment of a liquidator over a re-insurance company under the BVI Insolvency Act.
British Virgin Islands
23 Apr 2008
BVI Banking & Corporate Update On The Companies Act, The Insurance Act, Receiverships And The Proceeds Of Criminal Conduct (Amendment) Act
At the 11th hour, the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission announced that the Companies Act, 1884 would not be repealed on 31 December 2007 as previously indicated.
British Virgin Islands
23 Apr 2008
The Benefits of Segregated Portfolio Insurance
A segregated portfolio company (SPC) or protected cell company (PCC), as it is known in some jurisdictions, is a single legal entity, but the company is made up of individual "protected cells". It has a "core" capital (the ordinary share capital provided by the owners) but in addition each cell has its own capital (usually redeemable preference shares), provided by the client using that cell. Each cell is completely separate from each other but linked to the common core
British Virgin Islands
27 Feb 2004
British Virgin Islands
14 Mar 2000
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