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Opportunities For Charities In The Isle Of Man
Charity is seen in some places as privileged for taxation and therefore strictly to be defined.
Isle of Man
12 Jun 2012
The Auditors Oversight Law 2011
The Auditors Oversight Law, 2011 (the "Law") was passed by the Legislative Assembly of the Cayman Islands in September 2011 and came into force on 1 May 2012, by Governor’s Order.
Cayman Islands
16 May 2012
Guide To Cayman Islands Insolvency
The insolvency law of the Cayman Islands, which is primarily embodied in the Companies Law and Companies Winding-Up Rules, was the subject of a major overhaul in 2009, bringing the insolvency regime up to date, introducing some new concepts, improving the options available to creditors and formalizing the system for cross-border co-operation in insolvency proceedings.
Cayman Islands
16 May 2012
Guide To Taking Security In Guernsey
Insolvency is a major commercial risk.
27 Sep 2011
Cross-Border Insolvencies - Aiding A Foreign Court
In the current climate, where once well-respected, confident and apparently prosperous businesses with interests in more than one country now face insolvency and even closure, requests for assistance from a foreign court in insolvency matters will likely become more frequent.
8 Jan 2010
Bankruptcy In Jersey - An Overview
Both individual and corporate bankruptcies in Jersey are dealt with by the Bankruptcy (Désastre) (Jersey) Law 1990 (“the Law”).
29 Jul 2009
Corporate Restructuring Involving BVI Companies
Over the last five years, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) has introduced new provisions that will be of particular interest to corporate groups worldwide that contain one or more of the hundreds of thousands of BVI companies in existence.
British Virgin Islands
24 Jul 2009
Winding Up On Just And Equitable Grounds
In recent years, there have been relatively few insolvencies in Jersey whether of corporates or individuals. The current economic climate is however beginning to take its toll and the number of corporate insolvencies is on the rise.
16 Feb 2009
Compromises And Schemes Of Arrangement
The recent economic difficulties have given wider prominence to the uses and importance of compromises and schemes of arrangement, for both solvent and insolvent companies and groups.
10 Feb 2009
Netting And Set-Off In The Appleby Offshore Jurisdictions
Netting, or set-off (the terms are used interchangeable), is the accounting process whereby two parties who have traded together, with each owing the other various sums of money, calculate a “net sum” by adding all sums owed to one party and deducting the sums owed by that party to the other.
27 Jun 2008
Dismissal Of The Bear Stearns Bankruptcy Appeal: Is Chapter 15 Now A Closed Book For Hedge Funds?
The US District Court for the Southern District of New York has upheld the rejection of a petition by liquidators of the Bear Stearns High Grade Structured Credit funds for recognition of their liquidation proceedings in the Cayman Islands.
Cayman Islands
11 Jun 2008
Cayman Courts Take Control, Replace Liquidators
The Grand Courts of the Cayman Islands has decided to supervise the liquidation of two companies that formed a material part of the structure of the infamous Bear Stearns hedge funds,
Cayman Islands
2 Jun 2008
Mareva Revisited
The English Court of Appeal has delivered a judgment in the case of Dadourian Group International Inc. v Simms, in which it has for the first time set out comprehensive guidelines in relation to an application for leave to enforce abroad a worldwide asset-freezing order granted by a local court.
11 Aug 2006
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