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Striking Off A Company
Strike off action does not reduce or extinguish the liability of any director, officer or member of the company.
Isle of Man
12 Apr 2019
Methods Of Winding Up A Solvent Isle Of Man Company
It is also usual practice for a liquidator to require the shareholder or beneficial owner of the company to provide him with an indemnity in advance of agreeing to be appointed.
Isle of Man
12 Apr 2019
Trustees: Can You Blindly Rely On The Expertise Of Your Directors?
Trust structures will often involve trustees holding shares in companies; those shares forming part of the trust fund held by the trustees for the benefit of the trust and the beneficiaries as a whole.
Isle of Man
4 Mar 2019
Isle Of Man Company Execution Of Documents - Does The Mercury Case Have Any Relevance In The Isle Of Man?
The Mercury case (R (on the application of Mercury Tax Group and another) v HMRC [2008] EWHC 2721) provided obiter English Law comments in relation to the closing or completion of matters where some of the parties ...
Isle of Man
5 Feb 2019
The Appointment Of Receivers And The Flexibility Of The Manx Court
This decision demonstrates the benefit of a statutory provision, not limited to a particular set of facts or criteria, as to when and why a receiver should be appointed.
Isle of Man
19 Jun 2017
Isle Of Man Legal Opinions
The Isle of Man advocate instructed to act would usually review any transaction documents being entered into by the Isle of Man legal entity from an Isle of Man law perspective.
Isle of Man
25 Apr 2017
The Life Of A Trust Part Two : Trustees' Duties
Once appointed, a Trustee is subject to a number of duties. A Trustee's overriding duty is to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries of the Trust.
Isle of Man
15 Nov 2016
An Explanatory Note On Disqualification Orders And The Consequences Of Acting In Contravention Of A Disqualification Order
A director of a company owes fiduciary duties to act responsibly and in their related company’s best interests.
Isle of Man
3 Mar 2014
Urgent Requirement For IOM Companies To Appoint "Nominated Officer"
The Isle of Man Companies Act 2012 came into force on 1 September 2013 and is stated to be an important step in the Island's commitment to promoting transparency in respect of company ownership.
Isle of Man
11 Sep 2013
BVI Companies: Directors Duties, Indemnification And Protection
A discussion on the duties and responsibilities of directors of a BVI company, who run the day-to-day activities of the company and make any commercial decisions required.
Isle of Man
14 Feb 2013
Guide To Directors And Their Duties In The Isle Of Man
Directors of Isle of Man companies (whether incorporated under the Isle of Man Companies Acts 1931-2004 or the Isle of Man Companies Act 2006) are subject to a number of duties.
Isle of Man
15 Nov 2012
W(e)avering In Your Choice Of Domicile For Your Company Or Fund? Happy Ending Or Grimm Tale?
Do you as a Non Executive Director or the appointed Non Executive Directors ("NEDs) of your client funds actually realise why they are in situ? Harsh? Fair? Irrelevant?
Isle of Man
15 Oct 2012
Commercial Update - October, 2008
The Isle of Man Financial Services Commission is responsible for the regulation of the majority of the financial sector, namely: banks, building societies, investment businesses and fiduciary services providers.
Isle of Man
7 Oct 2008
Duties Of Directors Under Isle Of Man Law
Directors of Isle of Man companies owe 3 types of duty to their company:
Isle of Man
18 Mar 2008
Proposed New Company Officers Disqualification Bill 2007
The Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission (the "FSC") has recently issued for consultation a proposed new Company Officers Disqualification Bill (the "Bill").
Isle of Man
18 Mar 2008
New Isle Of Man Corporate Vehicle
The New Manx Vehicle or NMV is due to be introduced into Isle of Man law later this year. The new corporate vehicle will be created and governed by the Isle of Man Companies Act 2006 which is currently in bill form.
Isle of Man
10 Oct 2006
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