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Transfer Of Shares In A Private Company: Misstep From The Supreme Court
It is standard practice that for a share transfer in a private limited liability company to be effective.
South Africa
11 Jun 2019
Illicit Outflow Of Capital From South Africa Eliminated By Statutory Duties Placed On Directors
This article begins by giving a simple illustration of the concepts of semi-privatisation and privatisation. It then discusses common law duties and fiduciary duties of directors under the
South Africa
20 May 2019
Listen - The Application To Set Aside The Resolution To Liquidate Bosasa
On 14 February 2019 a resolution was taken by the board of directors to voluntarily liquidate the African Global Group of companies, better known as Bosasa.
South Africa
21 Mar 2019
Bosasa Has Announced Their Voluntary Liquidation. What Is The Legal Process?
On 19 February 2019, the African Global Group of companies (better known by its trading name, Bosasa) reported that it intends applying for its voluntary liquidation.
South Africa
28 Feb 2019
The Companies Amendment Bill
The Companies Amendment Bill, 2018 (the Bill) was published for comment on 21 September 2018.
South Africa
16 Nov 2018
Exercising Director's Fiduciary Duties - When It's Time To Step Down?
With the financial and governance issues that have affected the reputation and financial health of companies such as Eskom and Oakbay Resources and Energy (Oakbay), questions arises as to...
South Africa
22 Sep 2017
Liability Of Directors For Corporate Environmental Transgressions – A South African Case Study
The risk environment for directors of companies that pollute is changing. In South Africa, a raft of recent prosecutions of directors and officers for corporate environmental transgressions bring into focus...
South Africa
18 Sep 2017
Delinquent Directors: Courts Adopt A Zero Tolerance Approach
Directors of companies will have to carefully consider the manner in which they conduct the affairs of companies. Recent case law proves that courts will not hesitate to grant orders of delinquency against directors.
South Africa
16 Nov 2016
Cartels criminalised in South Africa
Directors and managers in South Africa will face personal criminal liability and jail time for participation in a cartel.
South Africa
20 Jul 2016
SARS’ Powers To Apply To Court To Declare A Director Delinquent In Terms Of The Companies Act
The Companies Act introduced a new mechanism which allows a broad range of persons to apply to court for an order declaring a director of a company delinquent.
South Africa
10 Jul 2014
Companies Act: Personal Financial Interests
This is the first of a few circulars examining directors’ duties under the Companies Act (the Act). Prior to the commencement of the Act and in terms of sections 234 to 238 of the old Companies Act, directors, managers, the managing director and the secretary of a company were obliged to disclose their direct or indirect material interests in contracts or proposed contracts which were of significance to the company’s business and which had been or were to be entered into by the company.
South Africa
11 Feb 2014
Attacking Directors (Or Officers) Of Companies In Business Rescue
Business rescue provisions clearly state that a company in business rescue enjoys freedom against prosecution of claims against it.
South Africa
29 Nov 2013
Ineligibility And Disqualification Of Directors
There is a distinction that is drawn between someone who is ineligible to be director of a company and someone who is disqualified from being a director of a company.
South Africa
21 Nov 2013
The Right Of A Director To Contest A Resolution Of The Board Removing Him From Office
The decision of the Western Cape High Court in Pretorius v PB Meat (Pty) Ltd [2013] ZAWCHC 89, in which judgment was delivered on 14 June 2013, is the first High Court decision on the interpretation of section 71 of the new Companies Act 71 of 2008.
South Africa
19 Nov 2013
Disclosure Of Director's Personal Financial Interest
One of the duties imposed on a director of a company is the duty to avoid conflict of interest - this forms part of the director‟s fiduciary duties.
South Africa
8 Nov 2013
Women Corporate Directors (WCD) Discuss Management Liability
Women Corporate Directors held a breakfast seminar to discuss Management Liability and the consequent protection mechanisms available to directors and officers.
South Africa
18 Jun 2013
The Women Corporate Directors (WCD) Discuss Management Liability
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The Women Corporate Directors (WCD) held a breakfast seminar to discuss Management Liability and the consequent protection mechanisms available to directors and officers.

Key Points

The seminar included female directors and officers from across industries conversing and sharing best practices, and challenges on management liability. The vision of WCD is to be a vehicle to share global and local

South Africa
1 May 2013
The Delinquent Director: No Tolerance For Errant Directors
Errant company directors who fail to comply with the obligations set out in the Companies Act, 2008, will now face the prospect of being declared "delinquent" under certain circumstances.
South Africa
11 Feb 2013
The Standard Of Directors Conduct - Unpacking Section 76 Of The Companies Act 71 Of 2008
Section 76 is a play in four acts. The underlying theme running through all four acts is that section 76 does not exclude the common law fiduciary duties owed by a person occupying a position of trust in relation to a company.
South Africa
8 Jan 2013
No Link Needed, Fraudulent Directors Will Pay
The reason for this difference was that the Court of first instance, in considering factual causation, sought to find a link between each of the five misrepresentations to the damages suffered.
South Africa
21 Dec 2012
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