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Water Snippets- 3 June 2019
The National Water Tribunal has dismissed an appeal brought by the Centre for Environmental Rights (CER) against the Department of Water and Sanitation granting a water licence
South Africa
17 Jun 2019
These Ingenious African Inventors Are Tackling The World's Worst Water Weed
Hya Matla Organics has found a way to deal with a plant that is choking SA's waterways
South Africa
11 Jun 2019
Water Snippets - 21 May 2019
The University of Johannesburg (UJ) has created a mobile lab for water testing, amid various sewage spills in South Africa.
South Africa
5 Jun 2019
Water Snippets
A new study by the University of Cape Town's African Centre for Cities has unpacked lessons that other South African municipalities can learn from to adapt ...
South Africa
12 Apr 2019
Water Snippets - March 2019
Potable water is a key focus at African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa in Cape Town in May.
South Africa
26 Mar 2019
Congo-Brazzaville: Effective Liberalisation Of Electricity And Water Utilities - Decrees No. 2017-247 To No. 2017-258, 17 July 2017
The three main delegation contracts envisaged by the Codes are concession, leasing and interested management
South Africa
16 Nov 2018
Boreholes: The Need-To-Know During Dry Times
It has become impossible to hide from the fact that South Africa is facing dire drought conditions with dam water levels and water restrictions being the hot topics of discussion.
South Africa
11 Aug 2017
The Importance Of Asserting Rights In A Water Crisis
Establishing a right to use water is one matter, but establishing precisely how much water one is entitled to is another.
South Africa
10 Mar 2017
Could Failing To Pay Your Rates, Taxes, Water And Electricity Charges Lead To Termination Of Your Water And Electricity Supply?
A landlord may not, without a court order, terminate the supply of electricity to premises leased to a tenant who is in arrears with monthly electricity payments.
South Africa
22 Jan 2016
Water Scarcity In Africa Should Get More Airtime On Government And Business Agendas
Despite the World Bank reporting that the African continent only uses 2 percent of its water resources, it remains a fact that water is a scarce resource.
South Africa
8 Apr 2014
Water Sector In South Africa
The World Economic Forum has identified water supply crises as one of the top 5 global risks in terms of both like likelihood and impact.
South Africa
25 Oct 2013
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