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What is the purpose of a LIM (Land Information Memorandum) report?
When purchasing a property, obtaining a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report from the council is strongly recommended.
New Zealand
22 Jun 2019
An overview of mortgagee sales
Mortgagee sales offer a chance to buy a cheaper property but require thorough due diligence before signing the contract.
New Zealand
22 Jun 2019
Real estate agents – can you believe what your clients tell you?
This article focuses on the liability of real estate agents for incorrect information from the vendor or a third party.
New Zealand
14 Jun 2019
Selling an earthquake-damaged house with EQC/Insurance Claims
Understanding EQC/insurance claims history of a property prior to sale is becoming increasingly significant for vendors.
New Zealand
27 May 2019
What is a cash out / escape / rollover clause in an Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate?
This type of clause enables a vendor to give notice to a purchaser that the vendor has entered into another agreement.
New Zealand
15 Mar 2019
Changes to the Overseas Investment Act – do they affect me?
From 22 October 2018, all purchasers of NZ residential land will have to complete a "residential land statement".
New Zealand
1 Dec 2018
Purchasing a property? Read this first!
What you should do before you buy a property eg. make sure your agreement contains an effective due diligence clause.
New Zealand
14 Aug 2018
The commercial property tender process - getting it right.
How to mitigate the implied duties and obligations that can be created by a request for tenders.
New Zealand
14 Aug 2018
Warning: Sell residential property within five years and you could now be taxed. The bright-line test extension is live!
If an owner sells within five years, and the property is not their main home, then they will be taxed on any profits.
New Zealand
17 Jul 2018
Disclosure obligations for vendors and real estate agents following the Gluckman report
Vendors and agents should note the current REA guidance and take care when commenting on methamphetamine test results.
New Zealand
23 Jun 2018
OIO – Residential land update
This Amendment Bill aims to create a housing market with prices shaped by, and make homes more affordable for, NZ buyers.
New Zealand
22 Jun 2018
Shared equity schemes - how do they work?
Shared equity schemes are being considered to address the gap between the market value and what first time buyers can afford.
New Zealand
8 May 2018
Early access to the property – beware the risks
There are some risks you should be aware of, when you allow the other party into the property before the settlement date.
New Zealand
20 Apr 2018
Purchase of real estate: High Court reminder of what not to do when another party tries to cancel an agreement
If you do not accept the repudiation (cancellation), then you should conduct yourself that way by your words and actions.
New Zealand
19 Mar 2018
Commercial property as an investment option? Five top tips.
Five top tips about what you need to consider if you are looking to invest in commercial property.
New Zealand
13 Mar 2018
Buyer beware: Christchurch property markets may have hidden costs
Prospective purchasers of properties must be properly informed about the house being purchased, with professional advice.
New Zealand
12 Mar 2018
Having trouble getting commercial property finance? We can help you!!
It has become harder to obtain bank funding to carry out property developments or to buy commercial investment properties.
New Zealand
6 Mar 2018
A warning for rural transactions – the effects of M. Bovis
As anyone involved in the rural industry will know, the impacts of this cattle disease are likely to be far reaching.
New Zealand
2 Mar 2018
House and Land packages vs. Buy and Build - conveyancing options
This article looks at the options of house and land packages and buy and build and what key things should you consider.
New Zealand
8 Feb 2018
What does a change of NZ Government mean for the property sector?
New NZ government has quite expressed an intention to implement tighter restrictions on overseas buyers.
New Zealand
29 Nov 2017
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