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International Arbitration Comparative Guide
International Arbitration Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Hong Kong, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
Hong Kong
21 Nov 2019
Courts In England And Hong Kong Order Immediate Prison Sentence And Restate Serious Consequences Of Disobeying Disclosure Orders
In recent weeks, courts in England and Hong Kong have taken the opportunity to set out the serious consequences that follow from deliberately breaching disclosure orders made in the context
Hong Kong
28 May 2019
Hong Kong Court Of Appeal: Common Law Actions Available To Enforce Arbitral Awards
Two key developments emerge from the long-running proceedings in Xiamen Xinjingdi Group Co Ltd v Eton Properties Ltd [2016] 2 HKLRD 1106 and Xiamen Xinjingdi Group Co Ltd v Eton Properties [2018] HKCFI 910.
Hong Kong
5 Jul 2018
Implication Of Pre-Action Settlement Offers By Insurer Clients
The Plaintiff, a lawful visitor of a fitness centre operated by the Defendant, slipped, and fell, while walking towards the shower room area of the said fitness centre, leading to injuries in the left wrist.
Hong Kong
20 Apr 2016
Third Party Funding In Hong Kong
Third party funding has become increasingly common in numerous common law jurisdictions over the last decade.
Hong Kong
20 Nov 2015
Hong Kong Court Of Final Appeal Considers Sufficient Connection To Wind Up A BVI Company On The Just And Equitable Basis
The relevant company, Yung Kee Holdings Limited, was a holding company for shares in another BVI company, Long Yau, which in turn operated two Hong Kong subsidiaries carrying on business exclusively in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
12 Nov 2015
Relying On The Department's Assessment Of Your Legal Aid Application? Think Twice!
There are two different legal aid schemes in Hong Kong, namely civil legal aid and criminal legal aid.
Hong Kong
31 May 2014
The Emergency Arbitrator Procedures Under The New HKIAC Rules
An article co-authored by Gary Born and Sabrina Lee, published in the October issue of "Asian Dispute Review".
Hong Kong
25 Oct 2013
Court as gatekeeper – the transfer of long term insurance business in Hong Kong
This recent decision highlighted the High Court's role in the transfer of a Hong Kong long term insurance business.
Hong Kong
26 Feb 2013
Failure By Insurer To Report Termination Of Agent's Appointment Results In Breach Of Duty
In January 2007, Dah Sing appointed Mr. Singh as a Technical Representative and Senior District Manager. Mr. Singh was entitled to a sign-on fee, monthly allowances and other allowances.
Hong Kong
10 Oct 2012
Mediation Ordinance Passed By Hong Kong’s Legislature
The Mediation Bill that we wrote about in our e-bulletin of 28 November 2011 has now been gazetted by the Hong Kong Government.
Hong Kong
10 Jul 2012
A Tale of Two Jewellers - Honest Concurrent Use of Trade Marks
In a trade mark appeal in relation to a household brand in Hong Kong between two renowned jewellers who share the same family origin and enjoy a successful business ("C.S.S. Jewellery Company Limited v The Registrar of Trade Marks"), the Court of First Instance set aside the Trade Marks Registrar's decision and allowed the Appellant's registration of a trade mark which the Court found the two jewellers had concurrently used for a considerable period of time.
Hong Kong
25 Jan 2010
Securities: Right Of Silence Before The Insider Dealing Tribunal
A recent Court of Appeal judgment in the case of Koon Wing Yee and Chan Kin Shing Sonny vs Insider Dealing Tribunal in which our firm acts for the 2nd Appellant, has ruled that the Hong Kong Insider Dealing Tribunal’s power to summon or require an implicated person to give evidence as unconstitutional.
Hong Kong
3 Jul 2007
Employment Law: Breaking The Continuity Of Employment
Section 31B of the Hong Kong Employment Ordinance provides that an employee employed for a minimum of 24 months under a continuous contract will be entitled to severance payment if he is dismissed by reason of redundancy or where the employee is laid off.
Hong Kong
5 Jun 2007
Meaning of Practical Completion In Building Contracts
Following the recent judgment of Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal in the case of Mariner International Hotels Ltd v Atlas Ltd, the term ‘practical completion’ in Hong Kong building contracts is now arguably a legal term of art which means a state of affairs in which the works have been completed free from patent defects other than ones to be ignored as trifling.
Hong Kong
28 Mar 2007
Commission Not Wages for Entitlements under Hong Kong Employment Ordinance
It is established employment law that neither gratuitous commission nor discretionary commission is to be included in the calculation of holiday pay or annual leave pay. But that still leaves the question of contractual commission i.e. commission to which an employee is contractually entitled. Is contractual commission to be included in the calculation of holiday pay and annual leave?
Hong Kong
6 Jun 2006
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