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Does A Design Have To Be Disclosed First In The EU To Benefit From Community Unregistered Design Right?
A case before the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) has raised this important question in a direct reference to the Court of Justice of European Union.
European Union
21 Oct 2019
EUIPO Publishes 'IPR Enforcement Case-Law Collection' On The Liability And Obligations Of ISPs
The EUIPO has published an 'IPR Enforcement Case-Law Collection' on the liability and obligations of ISPs in the EU.
European Union
17 Oct 2019
Trade Marks: Liverpool Fail To Emulate Spurs' Success
Those of us sufficiently grey of hair and wrinkled of flesh may remember a decision made some 17 years ago that the trade mark TOTTENHAM
11 Oct 2019
IP And Brexit Interview
Partner Graham Burnett-Hall recently gave an interview Lexis PSL - the below article is the result of that interview and was first published by Lexis PSL on 5 September 2019.
European Union
11 Oct 2019
Intellectual Property Brexit Checklist
In the event of a no-deal Brexit scenario, the UK would leave the EU immediately on 31 October 2019 with no agreement in place governing the withdrawal or the ongoing relationship between the ...
10 Oct 2019
ECJ Ruling On EU Trade Mark Jurisdiction: Online Infringers Can No Longer ‘Hide' From Justice
An ECJ ruling clarifies the power of EU Trade Mark Courts in Member States to deal with online infringement of EU trade marks where the target audience is in one Member
European Union
24 Sep 2019
Walking The Sustainable Catwalk: Fashion And Designs
London Fashion Week is almost over, the first shows for the Spring/Summer 2020 collections commenced on 13th September.
European Union
19 Sep 2019
No-Deal Brexit: Impact On Trademarks And Designs
While a range of outcomes, including a departure under the terms of the current Withdrawal Agreement, remains possible,
13 Sep 2019
Why Monopoly Was The Loser In Its EU Trade Mark Appeal
In a recent decision, the Board of Appeal at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) partially invalidated a European Union Trade Mark (EUTM) registration for MONOPOLY.
European Union
12 Sep 2019
No-Deal Brexit: Impact On Media, Sport And Entertainment
While a range of outcomes, including a departure under the terms of the current Withdrawal Agreement, remains possible, it is important for businesses to plan for a no-deal Brexit, in which the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement or other deal
10 Sep 2019
Supermac's Takes Another Bite Out Of The Big Mc.
In the latest instalment of the ongoing trade mark dispute between Irish restaurant chain Supermac's and fast-food giant McDonald's, Supermac's has succeeded in partially revoking an EU Trade Mark
European Union
5 Sep 2019
What Are The Hot Topics For The Future Of Distribution In The European Union?
Just in time for the summer holidays, on July 24, 2019, the European Commission (EC) published stakeholders' contributions to the consultation on the review of Regulation
European Union
26 Aug 2019
Business Intelligence Q3 2019
Welcome to the latest edition of Business Intelligence. To view the online version of this magazine, please follow this link.
22 Aug 2019
What Lessons Can Be Learnt From A Recent CJEU Decision Concerning Red Bull's Colour-Combination Marks?
Securing colour trade mark registrations in the EU can be challenging. The EU trade mark Registry faces the difficult task of balancing the rights provided
9 Aug 2019
Artificial Intelligence: Challenges For Intellectual Property Law
Lee Curtis will be speaking at a conference hosted by the ERA Academy of European Law in Brussels on 17th and 18th October 2019.
7 Aug 2019
Waterfront's Christmas Themed Legal Trivia!
This Christmas the office has been divided into teams to compete in the ultimate Christmas themed legal trivia quiz! You can get involved via our Twitter page here.
29 Jul 2019
Motion Marks - The New Moving Trademarks And Guidance For Non-Traditional Trade Mark Applicants
The UK Intellectual Property Office has recently granted the first multimedia moving trade mark following a change in the requirements for non-traditional trade mark applications under the 2015 Trade Marks Directive.
24 Jul 2019
Motion Marks in UK
The Trademark Law in UK was amended in January 2019 to include the registration of motion marks. A Motion Mark is a moving logo or an animation of a logo, which is created and used by a company
23 Jul 2019
Brexit Update
Brexit- where are we? What has changed? What's the position regarding EU trade marks and designs?
15 Jul 2019
Ace IP – Innovations Of Wimbledon
Until Andy Murray's Wimbledon win in 2013, Fred Perry was the last British winner of the men's title in 1936.
12 Jul 2019
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