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Are Pension Funds, PBOs And Universities Exempt From All Taxes?
The South African Income Tax Act, 1962 (the "Income Tax Act") contains exemptions from income tax that apply to institutions such as pension funds, certain universities and non-profit public benefit organisations...
South Africa
7 Mar 2018
The Countdown Begins For Retirement Funds To Comply With The Final Default Regulations
They aim to provide retirement funds with greater discretion and flexibility in relation to their default investment portfolios and annuity strategies.
South Africa
12 Oct 2017
What The 2017 South African Budget Review Means For Pension Funds
The 2017 South African Budget Review, published on 22 February 2017, contained several statements that may be of interest to pension funds, their investment managers and administrators.
South Africa
10 Mar 2017
Payment Of Death Benefits In South African Pension Law
Section 37C of the Pension Funds Act 24 of 1956 governs the payment of pension benefits upon the death of a member.
South Africa
16 Nov 2016
A Shorter Road For Those Aggrieved
The Registrar of Pension Funds' locus standi to review the decisions of the Appeal Board in South Africa.
South Africa
11 Jan 2016
The Implications Of Draft Information Circular 2 Of 2015
The Registrar of Pension Funds published a draft circular for comment on 27 February 2015 titled "The governance, winding-up and cancellation of the registration of a shell fund or a dormant fund without a board or liquidator".
South Africa
16 Oct 2015
Tax Treatment Of Contributions To Retirement Funds
Under the proposed new rules, employer contributions to any retirement fund will be taxable in the hands of the employee for whose benefit they were made.
South Africa
16 Oct 2015
Rethinking Retirement – When Must Employees Retire?
The question often arises as to when employees should retire and when employers can compel such employees to retire.
South Africa
7 Apr 2015
Pension Reform Act 2014 Signed Into Law
The new Act provides for stiffer penalties in the case of mismanagement or diversion of pension funds.
South Africa
28 Aug 2014
Regulation 28 – Is Your Back Covered?
Many pension funds are finding it difficult to stay abreast of the reporting requirements imposed on them by Regulation 28.
South Africa
21 Mar 2014
Budget Likely To Reform Tax Relief On Pensions And Savings
Pravin Gordhan, South Africa’s Minister of Finance is expected to announce in his Budget speech later this month the substantial reform of the tax concessions currently available to individuals with respect to their pensions and savings.
South Africa
6 Jun 2013
Proposals To Encourage Retirement Savings Through Tax Incentives
Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan revealed a proposal to change legislation governing retirement fund contributions in the 2012 Budget.
South Africa
17 Apr 2013
Retirement Fund Benefits For Employees Who Worked Abroad: The Apportionment Rules
The application of the apportionment rules to South African retirement fund benefits due to South African residents who contributed to these funds while they worked abroad, is currently not clear.
South Africa
4 Mar 2013
Pension Fund Boards and the Principal Officer
Added duties have been placed on the board of a pension fund regarding the appointment and termination of the principal officer. The board is required to review the fitness and propriety of its principal officer annually.
South Africa
27 Feb 2011
Taxation Laws Amendment Bills 2007
Two Bills have recently been published in their final form, giving effect to the amendments announced in the Budget Speech last February. The most significant amendments relate to the decision to simplify the calculation of the taxable portion of lump sums from pension, provident and retirement annuity funds, and to reduce the tax burden on such sums.
South Africa
6 Jul 2007
Changes to South Africa’s Retirement Fund Laws Coming Soon
The Retirement Fund Reform Discussion Paper issued by the National Treasury in December 2004 elicited suggestions from a wide range of institutions and people. There were a number of excellent suggestions put forward and it is to be hoped that many of them will be incorporated into the draft Bill, which is now eagerly awaited.
South Africa
27 Feb 2006
Let us Not Mince Words on The Subject of Indirect Ownership
Since minister Mandisi Mphalwa's embargoed briefing on the revised Codes of Good Practice under the Broad Based Black economic Empowerment Act (BEE ACT) on 24 June 2005, much has been made in the media of the purported exclusion of so-called "indirect ownership" in those Codes.
South Africa
4 Aug 2005
Saving For Retirement: A Social Security Dilemma
"… no legal right to social security benefits and benefits are part of government spending program, no different in the eyes of the law than corporate welfare or farm subsidies".
South Africa
22 Jun 2005
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