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The Development Of Judicial Practice On The Retraining Of Civil Law Relations In Labor
19 июля 2019 года Арбитражный суд г. Москвы вынес решение по Первой химической корпораци
Russian Federation
31 Jul 2019
Anticipated Amendments To The Labour Code Of The Russian Federation
The Draft raises the possibility of extending a fixed-term employment contract.
Russian Federation
17 May 2019
Schaden für einen Arbeitgeber, der durch einen Arbeitnehmer verursacht wurde: Entscheidung des Obersten Gerichtshofes Russlands
Im Dezember 2018 fasste der Oberste Gerichthof der Russischen Föderation die Rechtsprechung zur Haftung des Arbeitnehmers für dem Arbeitgeber zugefügte Schäden zusammen.
Russian Federation
13 Mar 2019
Recent Developments In Russian Employment Law
This newsletter provides a general overview of the most important changes to Russian employment and immigration laws in 2018 and covers the key aspects of court practice on employment-related issues.
Russian Federation
7 Mar 2019
Russian Supreme Court Review: Damage To An Employer Caused By An Employee
In December 2018, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation summarized court practice on the liability of an employee for damage caused to his/her employer.
Russian Federation
21 Feb 2019
Neue Regelungen zu Prüfungen durch die russische Arbeitsbehörde
Der Umfang der planmäßigen arbeitsrechtlichen Prüfungen, die von der Russischen Staatlichen Arbeitsbehörde durchzuführen sind...
Russian Federation
24 Nov 2017
Changes To Russian Labor Law Affect Payments To Employees
The Amendments establish more specific regulation in terms of payment of salary and increase the liability placed on employers for delays in salary payments.
Russian Federation
13 Nov 2017
Protecting Business Interests Following Termination
Covenants on non-disclosure of information comprising commercial secrets are generally enforceable.
Russian Federation
9 Nov 2017
Termination Of Employment
The Labor Code stipulates detailed procedures for terminating employment.
Russian Federation
8 Nov 2017
Legal Regulations Regarding Secondments In Russia
Secondment arrangements have been widely used for many years in Russia and recognized by the RF Tax Code, however, the Labor Code and migration legislation have remained silent in this respect.
Russian Federation
8 Nov 2017
Terms And Conditions Of Employment
If a holiday falls on a weekend, the next business day after the public holiday will usually be a paid day off.
Russian Federation
7 Nov 2017
Can Employment Contracts Stipulate Dispute Jurisdiction?
This is most inconvenient for employers of a considerable number of staff registered far from central districts
Russian Federation
3 Nov 2017
Russian Labor Code Requires Informing Employees Of Internal Labor Policies
According to Article 68 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (hereafter, the "Labor Code"), before employment (i.e. before execution of a labor contract)...
Russian Federation
19 Oct 2017
It Seems There Is No Way The Labour Code Can Be Taken Away From General Directors
Under the Labour Code, a general director enjoys the same rights as an ordinary employee.
Russian Federation
18 Oct 2017
Cancellation Of An Employment Contract Under The Russian Labor Code
In Russia, the labor relationship between an employee and an employer is governed mainly by the Labor Code.
Russian Federation
18 Oct 2017
Employment Major Russian Legislation Changes For 2015
New Moscow trilateral agreement concluded between the Government of Moscow, Moscow trade union associations and Moscow employers' associations for 2016-2018.
Russian Federation
11 Feb 2016
Changes To The Labour Code Of The Russian Federation - "Specific Regulation Of Work Performed By Foreign Citizens Or Stateless Persons"
The Labour Code introduces the procedure, which should be followed when hiring foreign citizens or stateless persons ("foreign employees")...
Russian Federation
27 Nov 2015
Russian Employment Law Briefing
This briefing paper highlights some of the features of Russian employment and immigration legislation in the context of the present economic climate.
Russian Federation
6 Aug 2009
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