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EDS (Environmental Defence Society) report will be influential in RMA (Resource Management Act) review
This article summarises three reform models offered by the EDS (Environmental Defence Society) and the future process.
New Zealand
25 Mar 2019
Ground Cover: resource management, local government and planning law
Ground Cover tracks legislative and regulatory reform in resource management, local government and planning law.
New Zealand
15 Feb 2019
Higher emissions pricing needed now - Productivity Commission
The Productivity Commission has urged "early, strong action" in the form of higher emissions prices.
New Zealand
5 Sep 2018
ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) about to enter drive mode
The Ministry released a discussion document on reform options, seeking feedback on how best to implement these changes.
New Zealand
26 Aug 2018
ETS forestry regulation changes
These proposed amendments are intended to simplify the requirements for forest owners to operate within the ETS.
New Zealand
18 Jun 2018
Zero Carbon Bill consultation begins
Key aspects of the Zero Carbon Bill including how ambitions the emissions reduction target should be.
New Zealand
13 Jun 2018
A prescription for net carbon neutrality by 2050
The Productivity Commission has a strategy to achieve net carbon neutrality on a transition to a low emissions economy.
New Zealand
30 Apr 2018
Next tranche of RMA (Resource Management Act) amendments now in force
The key amendments relate to resource consenting and continue a trend of reducing public participation in the processes.
New Zealand
18 Oct 2017
What is at stake on 23 September (NZ elections) for climate change/environment policy?
There will be more traction under climate change policy and a further rewriting of environment and planning law.
New Zealand
13 Sep 2017
Productivity Commission charts path to low carbon economy
The Productivity Commission has taken the gloves off in its issues paper on making the shift to a low emissions economy.
New Zealand
25 Aug 2017
RMA reforms – tinker, tailor, soldier on…
The new Act enables greater planning direction, reflecting an increasing willingness to direct local rules and processes.
New Zealand
19 Apr 2017
A blue skies planning system from the Productivity Commission
The final report is proposing radical change for the reform of New Zealand's planning and resource management framework.
New Zealand
12 Apr 2017
What the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill will do
The key theme of increased central government direction for local planning matters has been retained in the Bill.
New Zealand
9 Mar 2017
Auckland Unitary Plan now a reality
The Auckland Council has signed off on most of the recommendations from the Panel and has adopted the Unitary Plan.
New Zealand
28 Nov 2016
Auckland Unitary Plan recommendations – highlights and next steps
The article outlines highlights from the Independent Hearings Panel's report, Council staff assessment and next steps.
New Zealand
28 Nov 2016
Special housing areas legislation extended
The government needs to extend the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act before it expires on 16 September.
New Zealand
29 Sep 2016
NPS on Urban Development Capacity – submissions open
With some improvements and associated guidance material, the NPS on Urban Development Capacity could be a useful tool.
New Zealand
20 Jun 2016
Draft NPS on Urban Development Capacity
The proposed NPS requires councils in high population growth areas to provide a buffer within their land release plans.
New Zealand
8 Jun 2016
Blue skies review for urban planning – the take-off
The blue skies review into urban planning has now left the runway.
New Zealand
17 Jan 2016
RMA Reform Bill – busy with change to planning but less than National wanted
The 'phase two' RMA reforms have now finally been introduced to Parliament as the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill.
New Zealand
29 Nov 2015
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