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The Advent Of Litigation Funding And What Does It Involve?
Given the costs and uncertainties in the prosecution of disputes, and in particular large scale and complex international, commercial and construction disputes which are often ongoing for extended periods of time.
South Africa
30 May 2018
A New International Arbitration Hub
A long awaited and an important development in the context of arbitrations in Africa is the adoption by South Africa, in December 2017, of The International Arbitration Act.
South Africa
28 Mar 2018
Proposed Financial Provisioning Regulations For Mining Rehabilitation Released For Comment In RSA
On 10 November 2017 the Minister of Environmental Affairs published Proposed Regulations Pertaining to the Financial Provision for Prospecting, Exploration, Mining or Production Operations for public comment.
South Africa
21 Nov 2017
Incident Response Plans: What To Do When Data Breaches Or Cyber-Attacks Occur In South Africa
What is abundantly clear from recent media reports is that organisations of all sizes and across all industry sectors are becoming targets of cyber criminals.
South Africa
15 Sep 2017
Data Breaches And Cyber-Attacks: How Ready Is Your Organisation?
Data security and cyber breaches are becoming an almost daily occurrence, as is widely reflected in increased publicity and media reports, which also demonstrate that data breaches are growing both in frequency and scope each year.
South Africa
19 Apr 2017
FIDIC Contracts
In 1999, FIDIC issued the First Edition of its "Rainbow Suite" of construction contracts, which were intended to be modern and balanced standard forms of construction contract...
South Africa
28 Mar 2017
NEC Contracts
The NEC Contract Board has very recently announced that a new NEC4 contracts suite will be made available in June 2017.
South Africa
28 Mar 2017
Infrastructure Development
Notwithstanding that the construction industry remains in a slump, that tender activity continues to decline...
South Africa
28 Mar 2017
SA Takes Steps To Improve Its Attractiveness As An International Commercial Arbitration Hub
The International Arbitration Bill (the Bill), which was gazetted on 28 April 2016, will shortly be introduced into Parliament.
South Africa
28 Mar 2017
Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Regulations And Draft Amended Construction Sector Code
In January 2017, the Minister of Finance promulgated the Preferential Procurement Regulations in terms of the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, 2000.
South Africa
28 Mar 2017
Mandatory Prompt Payment And Adjudication Regulations In South Africa
The progress of these Regulations had ground to a halt following substantial objections to the initial draft of the Regulations by several large state owned entities (SOEs)...
South Korea
28 Mar 2017
Developments In Relation To The Financial Provisioning Regulations, 2015
Developments in relation to the Financial Provisioning Regulations, 2015 published in terms of the National Environmental Management Act.
South Africa
6 Feb 2017
South Africa Construction And Construction Insurance Law Snippets
Updates on some recent developments in the construction, construction insurance and mining industries in South Africa
South Africa
19 Oct 2016
Strict Liability Under The Consumer Protection Act: Update
Supreme Court of Appeal overturns Pretoria High Court decision of Halstead-Cleak v Eskom Holdings Limited.
South Africa
14 Oct 2016
Strict Liability Under The Consumer Protection Act
The matter of Halstead-Cleak v Eskom Holdings Limited and some observations for liability insurers.
5 Aug 2016
Adjudication And Prompt Payment Regulations
The Minister of Public Works has proposed an amendment to the Regulations to the Construction Industry Development Board Act No. 38 of 2000.
South Africa
26 Apr 2016
Professional Supervision Services: Negligent And Gratuitous Services
Cases involving the giving of negligent, but gratuitous advice by professionals do not often frequent the law reports.
South Africa
8 Apr 2016
New Financial Provision Regulations Under NEMA
Exacting requirements for the mining industry and an alert for environmental guarantee insurers: the new financial provision regulations under the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA).
South Africa
12 Feb 2016
On-Demand Bonds: Is Substantial Compliance Enough?
The Supreme Court of Appeal has also, on several occasions, articulated the guarantor's obligation to make payment in terms of a letter of credit or on-demand bond.
South Africa
16 Dec 2015
Construction Law Update: Important Procedural Developments
There are three important developments that are taking place in the field of dispute resolution.
7 Dec 2015
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