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Trustees: Can You Blindly Rely On The Expertise Of Your Directors?
Trust structures will often involve trustees holding shares in companies; those shares forming part of the trust fund held by the trustees for the benefit of the trust and the beneficiaries as a whole.
Isle of Man
4 Mar 2019
In 2018, Do We Really Need Increased Protection From Sex Discrimination? Unfortunately, Yes.
Sex discrimination is one of the hottest topics in employment law at present and in particular the concept of equal pay and the so-called ‘gender pay-gap'.
Isle of Man
27 Feb 2018
MIRS's Role Clarified Following Its First Ever "Intervention" In An Employment Tribunal Claim
DQ Advocates' top ranked employment team was instructed by Julie Bradley and Nicola Batey in their capacity as industrial relations officers appointed under the Trade Disputes Act 1985 and known collectively as the Manx Industrial Relations Service.
Isle of Man
22 Feb 2018
Daughter Wins USD 200m Breach Of Trust Claims Against Her Own Mother
Crociani v Crociani: A bitter family dispute was finally brought to an end after 5 years following the Royal Court of Jersey's finding in favour of daughter Cristiana who alleged a series of breaches...
Isle of Man
19 Dec 2017
Equality : Pregnancy And Maternity Discrimination
According to a UK Government report, 77% of mothers surveyed had a negative or possibly discriminatory experience during pregnancy, maternity leave and/or on return from maternity leave.
Isle of Man
17 Nov 2017
Trustees: Limit Your Liability And Obtain Your Costs
In the case of X (as Trustee of the A Trust) v Y (as Beneficiary of the A Trust) (unreported) 15 March 2017...
Isle of Man
2 Oct 2017
Guidance For Trustees: When Should You Submit To The Jurisdiction Of A Foreign Court?
In the recent case of A Limited FURBS [2017] 21/2017, the Guernsey Court held that, in the exceptional circumstances arising...
7 Aug 2017
"Dear Me" Trust Costs Husband £453.6 Million
Assets of husband's "Dear me" trust included in wife's huge £453.6 million (41.5 per cent of total marital assets) divorce award.
Isle of Man
26 May 2017
Equality: Disability Discrimination
Obese, depressed and diabetic employees: are they disabled? Obesity, depression and diabetes are not conditions that ordinarily give rise to a view that the persons suffering are disabled.
Isle of Man
19 Apr 2017
When Is A Person Mentally Capable Of Entering A Contract?
There is currently, and rightly, much focus on mental health problems and illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive disorders.
Isle of Man
18 Jan 2017
The Life Of A Trust Part Five: Requests For Information By Beneficiaries
During the lifetime of the Trust, it is likely that the Trustee will receive requests for information about the Trust, or its administration, from a beneficiary.
Isle of Man
16 Jan 2017
Flexibility In Corporate Restructuring: Schemes Of Arrangement
The scheme must represent a genuine compromise by which the members and creditors obtain some advantage that compensates them for the alteration of their rights.
Isle of Man
26 Sep 2016
Brexit: The Impact On The Isle Of Man
52% of the British electorate voted to leave the European Union (the "EU") on 23 June 2016 and whilst the Isle of Man played no part in the referendum, this result is likely to have an impact on the Island's economy and community for future generations.
Isle of Man
11 Jul 2016
"Anti-Oral Variation" Clauses In Contracts: Do They Really Prevent Variations Orally And/Or By Conduct?
The relevant clause in that case was a standard boilerplate clause used in written contracts...
Isle of Man
8 Jun 2016
A Right to Privacy at Work?
Employees should take care when bringing private matters into the workplace. Depending on the circumstances, it may not be reasonable to expect privacy. - See more at:
Isle of Man
3 Jun 2016
Appeal Court Confirms Strike Out Principles
Last year, leading offshore law firm DQ Advocates reported on the Isle of Man High Court's judgment in the case of The Slegaby Estate Limited and Samuel George Alder v Lloyds Bank International Limited.
Isle of Man
3 Feb 2016
English Court Expands Reach Of Freezing Injunction To Trust Assets
In December 2013, the liquidator of a Russian bank commenced proceedings in Moscow against one of the founders of the bank, Mr Pugachev, alleging that he had defrauded the bank out of c USD 2.2 billion.
14 Sep 2015
Court Confirms Law On Res Judicata And Abuse Of Process
The claim followed the conclusion of two years of litigation (ORD 12/0035 & ORD 12/0034) between the parties in respect of the Bank's contractual claim for amounts owed by TSEL to the Bank pursuant to certain business loans.
Isle of Man
1 Apr 2015
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