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Notable News In The Environmental Law In The Czech Republic (Czech)
V rámci environmentální praxe advokátní kanceláře Dentons Vám předkládáme třetí číslo pravidelného čtvrtletníku s přehledem aktuálních témat a připravované legislativy v oblasti práva
Czech Republic
9 Aug 2018
Key Regulatory Developments In The Czech Republic
The Czech National Bank has issued answers to questions related to the new MIFID II/MIFIR regime.
Czech Republic
6 Aug 2018
Overview Of Significant Judicial Decisions In The Corporate Sphere In 2017
From the selected decisions made in the corporate sphere in 2017, it follows that higher-level courts are adhering to their existing interpretative practices.
Czech Republic
24 Jul 2018
Labour Law Innovations In 2018
The year 2018 saw many changes in labour law. In this article we will focus on the increase of the minimum and guaranteed wage, the introduction of a paternity allowance, and the newest case...
Czech Republic
24 Jul 2018
Competition Authority Fines Firm For Restrictive Clauses In Lease Agreements
Restrictive clauses are common in commercial lease agreements. Such clauses can limit a landlord's ability to lease property to other tenants
Czech Republic
18 Jul 2018
Key Regulatory Developments In Czech Republic
The Czech National Bank has published an official benchmark stipulating a manner of generating test questions for the purposes of conducting professional exams pursuant to the Czech Capital Market Undertakings Act.
Czech Republic
26 Jun 2018
Odměna Advokáta Za Zastupování Ve Sporu
V rámci sporové praxe naší advokátní kanceláře bychom Vás rádi upozornili na nedávné rozhodnutí Ústavního soudu České republiky sp. zn. IV. ÚS 2688/15 ze dne 19. 12. 2017, které se zabývá vztahem mezi ...
Czech Republic
29 May 2018
The Delta Pekárny Case As A Leading Example Of Ineffective Protection In An Eastern European Member State?
The legality of a 2003 dawn raid carried out by the Czech Competition Authority ("CCA") on Delta Pekárny's business premises was the subject of a long-running dispute.
Czech Republic
11 May 2018
Czech Republic Amends Its Building Act
The most significant benefit of the amendment is the introduction of the concept of joint proceedings.
Czech Republic
26 Apr 2018
European Commission Approved Two Measures In Favour Of The Czech Post
In February, the European Commission has positively decided in two cases regarding state support for the Czech Post.
Czech Republic
25 Apr 2018
Czech Courts Definitively Upheld Fines For The Bakery Cartel And Confirmed That Local Dawn Raids Were Conducted Legally
This is one of the most complex competition cases in the Czech Republic, due to several court decisions, including the decision of European Court of Human Rights
Czech Republic
25 Apr 2018
Cartel Fines Greatly Reduced Due To Leniency And Settlement
By doing so, they participated in market sharing and customer sharing agreements.
Czech Republic
25 Apr 2018
International Arbitration In London From The Perspective Of A Civil Law Lawyer: Rome I Regulation And Contractual Penalties
International arbitration takes a great pride in being flexible, adjustable and thus very responsive to the needs of the parties involved.
Czech Republic
23 Apr 2018
GDPR, CPU, Intel, Spectre, Meltdown … And What Else?
Spectre takes a different approach, tricking applications into disclosing sensitive information that would otherwise be inaccessible.
23 Apr 2018
General Election Stalls New Employment Law Regulations
A proposed new amendment to the Czech labor code is uncertain following the outcome of the general election in the Czech Republic in late 2017.
Czech Republic
23 Mar 2018
Building Act Amendment Challenged In Front Of The Constitutional Court
On 1 January 2018, an amendment to the Building Act ("Amendment") will come into effect. The Amendment will introduce a number of conceptual changes adopted primarily ...
Czech Republic
5 Mar 2018
New Real Estate Provision From 1 January 2018: Pre-Emptive Right Regarding A Co-Owned Immovable Re-Established
Nearly three years ago, many a co-owner of a thing felt relieved when the statutory pre-emptive right of other co-owners to his/her co-owner's share was cancelled as of 1 January
Czech Republic
28 Feb 2018
Breyer Ruling, And Dynamic IP Addresses As Personal Data
In October this year, another interesting decision relating to data protection was issued in response to the constant evolution of modern communication technologies, dealing specifically with the definition ...
European Union
28 Feb 2018
Persistent Uncertainty Regarding The Amendment To The Czech Building Act
The proclaimed goal of the new legislation is to speed up the lengthy approval process hindering building projects. Nevertheless, some provisions of the amendment were challenged before the Constitutional Court.
Czech Republic
22 Feb 2018
New Investment Visas In The Czech Republic
rutland ježek, law firm based in the Czech Republic on a new important institute of the Czech Immigration law.
Czech Republic
13 Feb 2018
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