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BVI Limited Partnership Act, 2017 Is Now In Force
Walkers is pleased to confirm that the new BVI Limited Partnership Act, 2017 (the "LPA") is now in force and theRegistry of Corporate Affairs is accepting the registration of limited partnerships...
British Virgin Islands
9 Mar 2018
Guide To Property Purchases In The British Virgin Islands
The recipe for finding your dream property in the British Virgin Islands includes a dash of local knowledge, an adequate measure of adventure, a quantity of trusted counsel, and an appetite for delight!
British Virgin Islands
1 Mar 2018
Re King Bun Limited: Re-Affirming When The Case Should Be Tried In The BVI
Conyers Dill & Pearman act for a group of minority shareholders of a BVI company known as King Bun Limited in a derivative action against its Hong Kong based directors for damages caused to the company ...
British Virgin Islands
28 Feb 2018
BVIFARS Reopened And Updated CRS Reportable Jurisdictions List Published
The BVI International Tax Authority ("ITA") has confirmed that the British Virgin Islands Financial Account Reporting System ("BVIFARS") has now been reopened following closures due to hurricanes Irma and Maria and is accepting both Common Reporting Standard ("CRS") and US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ("FATCA") filings
British Virgin Islands
22 Feb 2018
British Virgin Islands' New Limited Partnership Act Offers Significant Changes
Best-known for its stunning natural beauty—jewel-colored waters, soft sandy beaches, and lush mountain ridges—the British Virgin Islands also excels among her peers in the international financial services industry
British Virgin Islands
19 Feb 2018
BVI Limited Partnership Act 2017
The eagerly awaited British Virgin Islands Partnership Act 2017 (the Limited Partnership Act or the Act) which was enacted in December 2017 has now been officially gazetted and brought into force.
British Virgin Islands
13 Feb 2018
Staray Capital Limited And Another V Cha, Yang – Privy Council, On Appeal From The Court Of Appeal Of The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (British Virgin Islands)
The Privy Council has upheld changes to a BVI company's Articles of Association, despite these changes being motivated by a desire to exclude a minority shareholder.
British Virgin Islands
8 Feb 2018
Crypto-Currency And ICOs In The British Virgin Islands
Initial currency offerings (ICOs) of crypto-currencies, tokens and other block chain based assets raised over US$ 3.5 billion in 2017.
British Virgin Islands
8 Feb 2018
BVI Dispute Resolution & Insolvency Client Update (January 2018)
In the January 2018 edition of our dispute resolution and insolvency bulletin, we review eight cases from the BVI Commercial Court and BVI Court of Appeal from the past year.
British Virgin Islands
7 Feb 2018
Case Alert: The Court Of Appeal Affirms The Jurisdiction Of The BVI Court To Award Pre-Judgment Interest
In the recent Court of Appeal decision of Steadroy Matthews -v- Garna O'Neal, BVIHCVAP 2015/0019 ("Steadroy Matthews") the Court upheld an award of pre-judgment interest on general damages...
British Virgin Islands
6 Feb 2018
Increased Deal Activity In Natural Resources Market, Reports Carey Olsen
A number of significant natural resources transactions in the latter part of last year are representative of an upshift in deal activity across the sector...
British Virgin Islands
31 Jan 2018
Set Up A Company In The British Virgin Islands (BVI)
The BVI are one of the most popular world offshore jurisdictions. Approximately 40% of the world's offshore companies choose to operate its business in this country.
British Virgin Islands
29 Jan 2018
BVI Dispute Resolution & Insolvency Client Update – January 2018
In the January 2018 edition of our dispute resolution and insolvency bulletin...
British Virgin Islands
26 Jan 2018
Real Estate 2018 (British Virgin Islands)
To what extent is domicile or habitual residence relevant in determining liability to taxation in your jurisdiction? There is no direct taxation in the British Virgin Islands (save as specified in question 2.3).
British Virgin Islands
4 Jan 2018
Cayman Islands Beneficial Ownership Regime: Some Out Of Scope Companies Now In Scope
The Cayman Islands have recently amended the beneficial ownership register regime for Cayman Islands companies and LLCs1, refining the regime that was introduced in July 2017 (as detailed in our earlier alert).
British Virgin Islands
2 Jan 2018
Luxembourg And Cyprus: The Anatomy Of A Double-Tax Treaty
After ten years of negotiations, Luxembourg and Cyprus signed their first double-tax treaty on 8 May.
British Virgin Islands
2 Jan 2018
BVI Commercial Court To Resume Local Operations Next Month
The BVI Commercial Court has announced that it will return to sitting in the BVI from January 2018.
British Virgin Islands
28 Dec 2017
BVI Private Client Global Guide
O'Neal Webster is pleased to announce its participation in the publication of The Legal 500 Private Client Global Guide.
British Virgin Islands
21 Dec 2017
BVI Limited Partnership Act
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) has enacted the eagerly awaited Limited Partnership Act (the Limited Partnership Act or the Act).
British Virgin Islands
20 Dec 2017
Limited Partnership Act (British Virgin Islands) Enacted
We are pleased to announce the enactment of the new Limited Partnership Act. The LPA represents the culmination of the efforts of fourteen lawyers from eight British Virgin Islands law firms to create a state of the art limited partnership act.
British Virgin Islands
20 Dec 2017
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