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KSA Customs And Vision 2030
The Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as announced on 25 April 2016, is the plan for the post-oil era with the rise of new energy efficient producing technologies.
Saudi Arabia
21 Feb 2018
Tech Law In Saudi Arabia: Keeping Pace With Technology
Technology and innovation underpins large parts of Saudi Arabia's National Transformation Program. As it seeks to improve economic competitiveness and enhance efficiency, Vision 2030 ...
Saudi Arabia
14 Feb 2018
Saudi Arabia Update - January 2018
Saudi Arabia's bankruptcy and insolvency law regime has been governed by two regulations, the earliest dating back to 1930.
Saudi Arabia
31 Jan 2018
Navigating The Legal Landscape In Saudi Arabia (Video)
Vision 2030 and its recent ongoing drive in Saudi Arabia to privatise public assets, deregulate and diversify the economy have resulted in a need to develop a dynamic legal and regulatory platform...
Saudi Arabia
30 Jan 2018
Model Behaviour: Good Conduct In The Boardroom
Over many years, directors of companies have developed a variety of unwritten procedures and practices so their meetings can be run in an efficient manner, whilst still accommodating the diverse differences...
Saudi Arabia
16 Jan 2018
Licensing Requirements And Restrictions For Hospitals In The MENA Region: Challenges & Opportunities
Establishing a hospital in the MENA region or investing into an existing medical facility is of significant interest for investors globally.
Saudi Arabia
15 Jan 2018
Changes To Powers Of Attorney In Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia has issued a judicial announcement in which it stated that powers of attorney provided to legal advisers and IP representatives will be considered valid for five years only from the date of issuance.
Saudi Arabia
12 Jan 2018
Cosmetic Clinics Regulations Get A Nip And Tuck: Recent Updates To The Licensing Of Cosmetic Clinics In Jordon
In an era where picture-perfect images of flawless men and women flash before our eyes constantly, the pressure of maintaining a perfect appearance is mounting in our society.
Saudi Arabia
12 Jan 2018
A New Regulation On Licensing Home Healthcare Institutions
A relatively new regulation has been introduced in Jordan, which is the Regulation for Licensing Home Healthcare Institutions No. 84 of 2016 (the ‘Regulation').
Saudi Arabia
12 Jan 2018
KSA: New Fees Applicable For Foreign Employees & Dependants
In 2013, KSA introduced its first levy payable by employers for every foreign employee over and above a 1:1 ratio with Saudi employees.
Saudi Arabia
10 Jan 2018
Seven Years In Bahrain: The Bahrain Chamber For Dispute Resolution Updates Its Arbitration Rules
The Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution ("Centre"), a dispute-settlement institution based on a joint venture between the Bahrain Ministry of Justice and the American Arbitration Association...
Saudi Arabia
10 Jan 2018
Central Bank Of Bahrain (CBB) Launch Regulatory Sandbox For Fintech Firms
June 2017 witnessed the introduction by the Central Bank of Bahrain ("CBB") of a regulatory sandbox aimed at enabling firms to test and develop their products in a virtual space.
Saudi Arabia
10 Jan 2018
Saudi Arabia Update – November And December 2017
In the wake of Saudi Arabia's headline-grabbing anti-corruption drive in November, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman instructed the Council of Economic and Development Affairs (the Council)...
Saudi Arabia
14 Dec 2017
Podcast: Dynamic Changes In Resourcing Within Saudi Arabia
Companies operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are facing growing workforce regulations relating to Saudisation and challenges of developing a pool of national talent
Saudi Arabia
13 Dec 2017
The Treatment Of Patients At End Of Life Stage: A GCC Overview
The sensitive subject-matter of how to determine the best course of action with regard to the treatment, or other options, for a patient who is reaching the end of their life, who may be terminally ill...
12 Dec 2017
Joining Up The Dots… Saudi Healthcare Reform
Saudi Arabia's ambitious programme of social and economic renewal, Vision 2030 (announced in April 2016), has healthcare squarely in its sights.
Saudi Arabia
12 Dec 2017
Non-Cooperative Tax Jurisdictions: Ongoing Developments In Respect Of The European Union's Strategy On Governance
As you may be aware, yesterday, 5th December, the European Union ("EU") Commission produced a list of 17 countries identified for their perceived failures in regards to good tax governance.
Saudi Arabia
8 Dec 2017
Personal And Corporate Guarantees Under KSA Law
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ("KSA") is an Arab sovereign state whose fundamental law is the Shari'ah
Saudi Arabia
24 Nov 2017
Transportation Disputes: Can Arbitration Deliver The Goods?
The transport sector has witnessed a great deal of growth across the MENA region. Following such growth, transport disputes are naturally expected to increase.
Saudi Arabia
22 Nov 2017
A New Chapter For Anti-Corruption In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia…
Events over the past week have brought heightened international attention to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's reinvigorated anti-corruption programme.
Saudi Arabia
15 Nov 2017
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