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Notary As Escrow Agent In Russian Share Deals
Agreeing on payment conditions as well as on any holdback amounts for warranty claims has always been problematic in Russian share deals due to the absence of the internationally recognized escrow mechanism in Russian law.
Russian Federation
25 Mar 2019
Annual Real Estate Report 2018
In the survey for 2018 we discuss the main changes in real estate legislation adopted during the last year in Russia, which are of particular interest to practitioners, namely:
Russian Federation
21 Mar 2019
Antitrust Report 2018
In 2017-2018 the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) actively continued investigations and proceedings against both Russian and multinational companies, with a large part of its activity addressed at tender-related violations.
Russian Federation
21 Mar 2019
TLR The Franchise Law Review Edition 6
Franchising presents a double advantage. On the receiving side (the franchisee), it is a quick way to start a business under the umbrella of a renowned brand.
Russian Federation
20 Mar 2019
Russian Telecommunications Company Settles FCPA Charges
A Russian telecommunications services company Mobile TeleSystems PJSC ("Mobile") agreed to settle SEC charges that it violated the anti-bribery, books ...
19 Mar 2019
Execution And Interpretation Of Agreements– Recommendations Of The Supreme Court Of The Russian Federation Of 25 December 2018
On 25 December 2018 the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation ("Plenum") has adopted recommendations for the court practice on the execution and interpretation of agreements.
Russian Federation
14 Mar 2019
Schaden für einen Arbeitgeber, der durch einen Arbeitnehmer verursacht wurde: Entscheidung des Obersten Gerichtshofes Russlands
Im Dezember 2018 fasste der Oberste Gerichthof der Russischen Föderation die Rechtsprechung zur Haftung des Arbeitnehmers für dem Arbeitgeber zugefügte Schäden zusammen.
Russian Federation
13 Mar 2019
Russian Authorities Apply GDPR-Style Rules To Web Analytics
On 30 January 2019 a website owner appealed a judgment of the Tagansky First-Instance District Court of Moscow
Russian Federation
12 Mar 2019
Recent Developments In Russian Employment Law
This newsletter provides a general overview of the most important changes to Russian employment and immigration laws in 2018 and covers the key aspects of court practice on employment-related issues.
Russian Federation
7 Mar 2019
Guidelines On Advertising Of Over - The - Counter (OTC) Medicines
During 2017-2018, the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia ("FAS") paid close attention to advertisements of OTC medicines and considered large number cases of violations of advertising legislation by pharmaceutical companies.
Russian Federation
6 Mar 2019
Optional Pre-Grant Publication Of Design Applications Introduced In Russia
New federal law "On amendments to Part IV of the Civil Code" will take effect on 26 June 2019 New law allows publication of information on design applications at applicant's request and provides temporary protection...
Russian Federation
6 Mar 2019
What Happens To A Trademark After A Legal Entity Is Liquidated?
Any transfer of exclusive rights must be recorded with the Russia Patent and Trademark Office
Russian Federation
6 Mar 2019
Chamber Of Patent Disputes Cancels Design On Second Attempt
A seemingly simple device was patented as a design, but it took the claimant two attempts to cancel it.
Russian Federation
6 Mar 2019
Guaraná Antarctica Battles Aqua Antarctica
The word Guaraná has associations with Latin American countries around the equator even in the minds of those who do not know what Guaraná is.
Russian Federation
22 Feb 2019
Russian Supreme Court Review: Damage To An Employer Caused By An Employee
In December 2018, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation summarized court practice on the liability of an employee for damage caused to his/her employer.
Russian Federation
21 Feb 2019
Harmonising Data Protection Laws With The EU
2018 went down in history as the year of important privacy developments. Several months after the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) ('GDPR') ...
20 Feb 2019
Russisches Verfassungsgericht: Beschränkungen für die Beteiligung von ausländischen Investoren an russischen Massenmedien müssen abgemildert werden
Das russische Mediengesetz beschränkt die direkte und indirekte Kontrolle von Ausländern über die russischen Medien.
Russian Federation
11 Feb 2019
Can The Name Of A Country And A Year Be A Trade Mark?
As a general rule, under the Russian Law, the name of a country and a year would be considered non-protectable as a trade mark but in exceptional cases registrations are possible, necessary and effective.
Russian Federation
7 Feb 2019
New Court Decisions Provide Fresh Wisdom On Trademarks In Russia
The latest market needs contribute to the developments in trademark practice.
Russian Federation
29 Jan 2019
Russia Continues Anticorruption Efforts In 2019
Russia continues its anticorruption efforts in 2019. These efforts build upon numerous convictions last year.
Russian Federation
28 Jan 2019
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