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Current partners
We feel the same way about our partners as we do about our contributors, we want you to get great value out of Mondaq.
We are currently partnering with a large number of businesses and industry associations, helping to broaden visibility and raise their profile among our contributors, distribution network and combined readership of over 10 million people.

What it Means to Become a Partner
How to Become a Partner
To learn more about joining a number of other organisations just like you and entering into a fruitful partnership with Mondaq, please contact our Distribution Manager, on +44(0)208 544 8300 or email.
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We are proud to work with many of the world’s leading corporate counsel associations. Authors get maximum reach across the globe and associations benefit from our partnerships.
Our distribution partners include major search engines, market leading legal searches and databases, ensuring that millions of people have access to the articles.
Find out more about how your association or business can work with us and benefit from our extensive network and partnerships.