Partner: Associations
Current Association Partnerships
Working with associations is really important to us. We are proud to say that we have secured partnerships with many in-house counsel associations across the globe and we work with them to ensure that we deliver great value to their members, and to the association itself. Currently over 20,000 in-house counsel around the world receive content from Mondaq – through tailored association email News Alerts. This audience is distinct from the audiences we reach through our Distribution Partners.
All members of our partner associations receive a co branded bi-weekly email News Alerts.

What it means to become an Association Partner
Partnering with Mondaq allows you to keep your members up to date with news, legislation and opinions relevant to their market and geography – we set everything up for you.
Twice a week members receive a completely free tailored email News Alert – covering only the topics and regions which have been pre-selected for them. If you change your mind, or want to add a little something extra, no problem – you can amend your selection at any time.
Becoming an association partner is really simple and it comes at no cost to you – we can even help increase your commercial opportunities. We will support you throughout and provide any collateral or advice you need to promote the service to your members.
Benefits at a glance
  • Free bi-weekly email News Alert: tailored legal and regulatory updates provided to your membership directly by Mondaq
  • Mondaq data feeds on your website: we can help you quickly and easily incorporate our data into your website, there are several script options to choose from. Contact us to learn more about what’s available.
  • Branding: your logo will appear on relevant content pages with a direct link to your site. Through our global network of distributors this means you can promote your association to an even wider audience than you do already – at no cost!
How to Become an Association Partner
We are here to help – wherever you are in the world. We have team members in Australia, the US, Canada and Europe – each ready to answer your questions about partnering with us. Or if you don’t feel like a chat, just send us an email.
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We are proud to work with many of the world’s leading corporate counsel associations. Authors get maximum reach across the globe and associations benefit from our partnerships.
Our distribution partners include major search engines, market leading legal searches and databases, ensuring that millions of people have access to the articles.
Find out more about how your association or business can work with us and benefit from our extensive network and partnerships.