Contribute: Insight on Readership
Know who reads your content
Mondaq’s unique Market Intelligence Reporting (MIR) system provides unparalleled information to contributors – including name, job title, and most importantly contact details for individuals viewing content – providing an unrivalled way to prioritise the prospective leads. User details are secured in accordance with the requirements of Data Protection laws including GDPR.
Get detailed information for all the authors in your firm
Our MIR service is available on a firm wide basis for those with multiple authors. The Information provided includes the following:
  • Who accessed your content (name, email address, industry, position etc*)
  • What was done with it (printed, forwarded to a colleague)
  • If the reader clicked on a link to your profile or website
*subject to Data Protection Laws including GDPR. As part of Mondaq’s User Agreement readers consent to be contacted by the author of the content they have viewed. Users can chose to opt out
Benefits at a glance
  • Lead generation: Potential clients will see your content when they are searching for specific information - we help you reach your target audience
  • High ROI: Mondaq’s Market Intelligence Reports provide demographic and search information as well as specific and detailed user information
  • Branding: Enhance your reputation and raise your profile through a consistent authoritative presence on Mondaq
  • Marketing and business development: Use the data in the MIR to enhance your mailing lists (events and news), add contact details of all the readers interested in your topics. Export the data into excel for easy manipulation into your CRM system.
Help with future content-writing
We can provide information on how readers found your content – i.e. the key search terms they used – so that when you writing your next piece of content, you can incorporate the words these key words, making your content even more valuable.
To hear more about the great things we can provide, or to sign up for a free trial Contact us.
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Our contributors are leading professionals from the worlds of law, accounting and finance. Firms across the globe contribute to Mondaq and more are added each day.
Contributing your know-how to Mondaq could not be easier. You write the article - we ensure it is broadcast to a wide audience of legal and business users globally.
Our market leading analytics tell you who reads your article and when, providing you with valuable insight for business development and client engagement.