About: Why Use Mondaq?
Mondaq is recognised as one of the leading online sources of legal, financial and regulatory information available today.
Our contributors are some of the most prestigious accounting, legal, regulatory and financial professional advisors in the market, many of whom are individually ranked by leading independent industry publications.
Through these highly regarded individuals and firms we are able to provide our users with the up to date, accurate and detailed information they need to help with their day to day business needs. See a complete list of Mondaq's contributors.
Using Mondaq
Many of our users come to us through one of the main search engines – Google, Yahoo etc. We make sure that the entire Mondaq archive is mined to find you the insight you need – you’ll land right on the content of your choice.
Within Mondaq itself, searching is easy, our sophisticated search function, found on the top right of each page, is a great way to source the information you need as a reader.
Free bi-weekly email News Alerts
We never send unwanted daily email alerts. Instead, when you sign up to our News Alert service, you will receive a completely free tailored email twice a week – covering only the topics, regions and/or countries that you have pre-selected.
If you change your mind, or want to add something extra for a specific matter, no problem – you can amend the selection at any time. Read more about our free bi-weekly email News Alerts or register.
Content headline feeds
For our more frequent users, we can provide a headline feed function which offers three types of script which allow content to be incorporated into your own website. Each script can be configured in terms of the content being returned and the layout or the format of the information. Learn more about setting up a headline feed.
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We host the most up to date articles and videos on legal, accounting, regulatory, compliance and commercial issues from the world’s leading professional advisors.
We work with leading professionals around the globe to bring you the insights you need when you need them – absolutely free.
Register for our regular News Alerts, tailoring the topics and regions to your area of interest – we promise to only send you information on the areas you have selected.