About: What is Mondaq
Mondaq is one of the world's most comprehensive online resources of professionals' expertise and knowledge. Since 1994 we have been working with leading professional advisers the world over to deliver insight, opinion and commentary on legal, regulatory and financial topics across every continent.
How does Mondaq work?
Mondaq is completely free to view for any user. The only thing we ask is that on the first visit, each user completes a short registration form.
What does Mondaq Cover?
Mondaq has an archive of hundreds of thousands of pieces of content, with new insights being added every single day.
Our in-house editorial team categorises every piece of content into one of 25 high level topics and nine world regions.
Whether you are looking for tax information in Asia, or insight on employment laws in the USA, you can easily find what you are looking for. Take a look around the site to see for yourself the vast array of content available, completely free of charge.
Regular alerts
Users can sign up to receive regular alerts. Choosing topic areas and regions, and the frequency of updates allows each and every user to have a fully customised experience of Mondaq.
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We host the most up to date articles and videos on legal, accounting, regulatory, compliance and commercial issues from the world’s leading professional advisors.
We work with leading professionals around the globe to bring you the insights you need when you need them – absolutely free.
Register for our regular News Alerts, tailoring the topics and regions to your area of interest – we promise to only send you information on the areas you have selected.