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Law In Order
A Managed Document Review team could assist to accurately review the documents in time for the disclosure deadline.
Law In Order
The expert review team could process the data in time and ensure there was no unnecessary delay in the transition period.
Holman Webb
This podcast discusses electronic signatures and their impact on daily legal practice and service delivery for clients.
The need to grapple with ethical considerations is apparent as AI becomes more prevalent in the Australian legal sector.
Law In Order
Technology assisted review of the numerous court documents was an example of efficiency and cost savings in e-discovery.
Law In Order
This client needed to review email data to provide a hyperlinked list of the most relevant documents for their barrister.
Law In Order
The use of eDiscovery, analytics and technology assisted review could produce a timely and accurate review of documents.
Law In Order
A review of the documents was completed in less than 3 days, saving the client a significant amount of time and money.
Law In Order
Today lawyers are not generalists, but focus on building a specialist knowledge of distinct areas of legal practice.
HBA Legal
Blockchain technology comes with both risks and rewards for industries which handle sensitive personal information.
Holding Redlich
This bulletin has links to media releases, reports, cases and legislation of interest to Queensland government lawyers.
Corrs Chambers Westgarth
Advances in legal technologies include the increasing use of e-discovery and electronic evidence and data analysis.
HBA Legal
This is the first of a three-part series which looks at recent demands for law firms to innovate to stay competitive.
HBA Legal
This third and final part of this Innovation series looks ahead to building a culture of Lean Law within law firms.
HBA Legal
This second part of a three-part series looks at the management philosophy Lean Six Sigma and its operation in law firms.
Sparke Helmore Lawyers
There is very little incentive for employees in a firm to successfully innovate without the support of management.
Corrs Chambers Westgarth
Law firms at the forefront of change are harnessing technology for greater access to information and value for money.
Corrs Chambers Westgarth
This technological upheaval or disruptive revolution is forcing law firms to find new ways to deliver for their clients.
Colin Biggers & Paisley
Moving to e-contracts saves time and resources, but digitising office processes requires a change in business culture.
Carroll & O'Dea
Emails, attachments and spreadsheets are included in the modern legal workplace, and can create a lot of controversy.
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