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Most Reader Response
Most Reader Response
Most Reader Response
By Petrina Schiavi
The readability & enforceability of the online contracts is an important legal issue which is discussed here.
By Hugh Griffin, James Fisher, Caleb Au
The nature of an individual director's duties will be shaped by their specific role and responsibilities in the company.
By Petrina Schiavi, Caleb Au
Article discusses new guidance by ASIC to assist stakeholders in complying with their climate risk obligations.
By Hugh Griffin, Agustina Limpid
ASIC Consultation Paper 315 proposes further changes to the AFSL regime for foreign financial service providers (FFSPs).
By Petrina Schiavi, Caleb Au
The Report found that funds implementing core ethical investment strategies continue to outperform equivalent share funds.
By Petrina Schiavi, Caleb Au
The 2019 Clean Energy Report highlights the impressive growth trajectory of the renewable energy industry in Australia.
By Hugh Griffin, James Fisher, Caleb Au
This article examines the differences between non-executive and executive directors according to law and in practice.
By Hugh Griffin, Agustina Limpid
By removing the grandfathered exemptions, the full effect of FOFA laws applies and conflicted remuneration is banned.
By Petrina Schiavi, Jane Boyer
Company directors should consider, assess and disclose potential risks or impact of climate change on their business.
By Hugh Griffin, Jane Boyer
The Government has provided the financial regulators with a suite of new funding ‘to strengthen the financial system'.
By Hugh Griffin, Agustina Limpid
The IA-CEPA, a landmark agreement recently signed between Australia and Indonesia, offers significant trade benefits.
By Lawrence Monagle, Agustina Limpid
ASIC is aiming to make fees & costs more comparable between products and between providers.
By Petrina Schiavi, Nivodita Sharma
The heat is rising on senior corporate executives in relation to climate change risk management.
By Hugh Griffin, Michaela Janu
Article focuses on additional considerations involved when drafting a NDA that is a cross-border NDA eg governing law.
By Aabid Farouk
The Federal Court has ruled that workers engaged as casuals may be entitled to annual leave.